Each Tuesday night the college Football playoff committee releases their latest rankings. The latest rankings have the Clemson Tigers in the top spot while the Alabama Crimson Tide is second. The Ohio State Buckeyes follow at No. 3 while the Notre Dame Fighting Irish is in the fourth position.

The undefeated Iowa Hawkeyes and Baylor Bears are just out of the rankings at No. 5 and 6. This brings up a very valid question that the committee members need to be answering. How can a team with a loss be ahead of Power 5 conference schools that are undefeated? It is hard to explain and figure out. This wouldn't happen in the NFL.

Alabama lost to Ole Miss early in the season and while they did just beat LSU last weekend, they still have that loss on their record. The same can be same about Notre Dame, who lost to Clemson by two points on the road earlier in the year.

While both teams are quality and deserve to be ranked very high, they still don’t deserve to be in the top four. Iowa is 9-0 and has beaten Wisconsin and Northwestern. Baylor is 8-0 and while their non-conference schedule has been weak to say the least, they are still undefeated.

Even the Oklahoma State Cowboys, who are ranked 8th and are 9-0 should be higher than the one-loss teams. Oklahoma State just knocked off previously unbeaten TCU last week. The Big 12 Conference as a whole is going to play itself out over the next few weeks and the committee will figure it all out at that point but for these rankings to be the way they are presently is a real shame and proves why ESPN does so well.

Alabama is second after all. Are they getting credit for their name? That loss came at home to a team that is now 7-3 for the season. There should be some severe penalty points for that but there will be some approval from ESPN that they are there.

Baylor and Oklahoma State are going to play each other and it is likely Iowa and Ohio State will play each other before the season is out so two of these teams will have losses but for this week’s rankings, there are some very serious issues.

There will be a shakeup in the coming weeks when these teams play. Maybe Iowa gets into the top four before the Big Ten title game. Maybe the Baylor/Oklahoma State winner does the same.

There are going to be plenty of people who look at the rankings and hope that Alabama and Notre Dame both lose so the undefeated teams behind them can move up to where they should.

The playoff committee needs to fix this problem immediately and move the right teams up.

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