The Maxwell Football Club announced this year’s candidates for the George Munger Collegiate Coach of the Year Award and lead coach for football, Kirk Ferentz of the University of Iowa is a candidate this year. He is among 18 semi-final candidates announced.

Coach of the Year nominee Ferentz came to Iowa in 1981 and was then an offensive-line coach. He succeeded the previous coach in 1999 after performing as a coach in Maine, and as an assistant to the NFL. Ferentz has been in charge ever since and has been said to have run the team the same way ever since, with the only changes being some new facilities and switching the team to practicing in the mornings.

Coach of the Year nominee Ferentz leads Hawkeyes to great season opening

This year, the Iowa Hawkeyes have seen their football program with its best start in history thanks to Ferentz’s guidance with a 10-0 record. Thanks to the Coach of the Year nominee, the team is ranked 5th in the College Football Playoff (CFP) rankings and 6th in the Associated Press and Amway Coaches polls.

Two of Iowa’s victories this year were made over opponents ranked higher at away games. They opened play in the Big Ten by winning 10-6 against Wisconsin at No. 18, and 14 days later they won by a score of 40-10 against Northwestern ranked at No. 20. The only football bowl subdivision team that has also had two away games over ranked opponents is Alabama.

Hawkeyes started season unranked

This is very impressive coaching considering the fact that the Hawkeyes started the season without a ranking and then moved onto the top 25 after winning at Wisconsin, and they have been going up ever since thanks to Ferentz’s leadership.

In the Big Ten Conference, Ferentz ranks 8th in overall wins with 125, and with 74 conference wins and over the last 14 seasons he has led the Hawkeyes to 12 bowl games, counting seven January bowls.

Additionally, Ferentz has led his team to Big Ten nine first-division finishes, counting winning the conferences in 2002 and 2004.

With his guidance over the last eight seasons, Iowa has been able to win seven or more games in seven of the last seasons, and that includes nine wins in 2008, eight games in 2010 and 2013, eleven wins in 2009 and 10 wins so far in 2015.

Iowa has had ended up with a mere one season with a ranking of under .500 in the past 15 years.

Voting for the semifinals of Coach of the Year award starts on November 23, and an announcement on December 21st will name the winner.

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