"Though she be but little, she is fierce." Shakespeare's famous line from A Midsummer Night's Dream has been applied to countless people, places, and things. It has been misquoted and managed to fit any number of situations since the time William first penned the words. Never, however, have the words been more applicable than when used to describe Joanna Jedrzejczyk, one of the UFC's most brilliant fighters.

Jedrzejczyk, often called J.J. for short, fights at strawweight. Her 115 pound frame, though tiny in stature, holds within it a brutal powerhouse that also happens to be blindingly fast. This is evidenced by J.J.'s record, which stands at 10-0-0, her skill at striking leaving her opponents stunned and sprawled on the mat.

Originally from Poland, J.J. is the current UFC Strawweight Champion and the third European Champion in the history of the UFC. In addition, she has been ranked by Sherdog and by MMARising as the #1 Ranked female strawweight fighter in the world. Pound for pound, she is the #15 ranked fighter, including both men and women, in the world. She only the second woman to achieve such a feat.

Jedrzejczyk has a background in muay thai and in boxing, a fact which is quite clear when anyone watches her striking. All of her victories have come from her hands, their speed and dexterity leaving her opponents stunned and unable to fight back. During her first title defense against fellow fighter Jessica Penne, J.J.

launched a barrage of punches and knees that left Penne's nose destroyed and led to a definitive TKO.

In an age when women are becoming more prevalent and successful in Mixed Martial Arts, J.J. stands out, even if she is not always in the spotlight. Jedrzejcyk doesn't pose for bikini pictures or in magazines, she doesn't use being a woman in a what was traditionally a man's sport for leverage, she goes out and she fights.

She uses her skill, her talent, and her heart, to make her name and her way in fighting. When J.J. fights, be it in the Octagon or in training, she goes all out all the time. She does nothing halfway and gives everything she has in all that she does. She is a role model, and a hero, like few are, earning her Championship title and her place in history with a fierceness that would make Shakespeare proud.

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