The New England Patriots are undefeated and the football team’s winning streak stands at 6-0, which means they are two games ahead of the 4-2 Jets and in the lead for the bid for first place in the AFC East. No matter what other team goes up against them, the Patriots are undefeated with things like strategy, perfect planning, and perfect execution bringing them the undefeated record.

Even when the Patriots only have two healthy running backs, the Patriots are undefeated and even a great team like the Jets, who are coached by Todd Bowles, has been unable to break their winning streak. Tom Brady has been operating efficiently as quarterback for the Patriots and wide receiver Danny Amendola is also standing out with his fantastic performances for the Patriots team.

Patriots are undefeateddue to their defensive maneuvers

Their real show of defensive maneuvers have prevented the Jets from what is usually their best asset: running the ball. That resulted in one of their latest winning scores being Patriots getting 30 points and the Jets losing with only 23 points.

On Thursday, the 3-3 Miami Dolphins will try their hand at beating the undefeated Patriots on their home ground at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. Miami appears capable of defeating the Patriots as are a lot of other teams, but just trying to theorize how to do so apparently hasn’t been working out since the Patriots are still unbeaten and headed for first place at the rate they are going.

No one knows if another team will beat Patriots Eventually

For the rest of this season, it is of course not possible to know if any other team will be able to break the undefeated Patriots’ team winning streak. Some say others can do what this team has been doing and that they are able to beat them, but so far it has only been talk since the Patriots have still been unbeaten by anyone as yet this season.

Their quarterback, Tom Brady, has even been doing well despite being under a lot of pressure. However, Brady threw the Football 54 times and completing 34 for 355 yards against New York, as well as rushed for 15 yards, and made a touchdown run.

As football season continues, it remains to be seen if the Patriots are undefeated when the season comes to an end and the Super Bowl contestants are set.

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