Finally, it’s over.

I was getting so tired of hearing about Aaron Rodgers and his interception-less streak at home. Sure, it was impressive and historic and certainly meaningful not to turn the ball over at any time. But it felt like everyone was losing perspective when it came to the importance of one man’s accomplishment versus team success in a team sport, especially when a reporter asked Rodgers last week if he thought he could go through an entire season without throwing an INT. Really? What was Rodgers suppose to say?

So when the CBS announcer finally said after Rodgers threw his first interception at Lambeau Field since whenever on a tipped pass that somehow was caught by whoever, “Aaron Rodgers is human after all,” that was the clincher.

I thought, “Aaron Rodgers has always been human, just smarter than you.”

After all, it was a tipped pass and to prove that it wasn’t a fluke he threw a terrible pass that was humanely picked off by some other guy. However, the difference between Rodgers and Rams quarterback Nick Foles is that Rodgers’ turnovers (he also lost a fumble) didn’t hurt the Pack. Convesely, Nick Foles’ turnovers absolutely killed any chance the Rams had in upsetting the Packers.

Nick Foles (the same one) threw four interceptions: one two plays after Rodgers’ first interception and two in the final minutes of the game. And with Clay Matthews tossing Nick Foles around the entire game, who could blame him?

Rookie cornerback Quenten Rollins returned an interception 45 yards for a 14-0 lead in the first quarter, and picked off another pass with 7:34 left, and safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dixwas in the right spot to intercept a tipped pass in the end zone on third-and-goal at the 7 that sealed the Packers 24-10 victory and made Green Bay one of only 6 teams to start undefeated this season.

Usually, whenever any team in any sport starts the season undefeated, you can point to one specific part of the team and say “that’s the reason they are winning.” It could be because the offense is explosive or the defense is stingy or they have played against inferior opposition.

The 2015 Green Bay Packers are winning games against tough rivals and big-name teams in different ways every week: with a dynamic passing attack or a solid running game, with a dependable kicker or sack-happy linebackers, and on Sunday with a penetrating defensive line that pressured the Rams into throwing into an opportunistic secondary.

The Packers stopped the Rams seven times inside the Green Bay 35.

Foles was hit or sacked 12 times on 33 dropbacks and completing just 12 of 31 for 143 yards. And that’s despite a pounding running game behind impressive rookie back Todd Gurley (30 rushes for 159 yards; I had him on my Draft Kings team this week. Sorry Packer fans).

In the end, each team’s quarterback showed they are who we think they are.Yes, Rodgers NFL–record streaks of 587 pass attempts and 49 touchdowns passes at home without an interception was now over.

But he completed 63% for 241 yards and two long scoring catch-and-runs to Ty Montgomery (DK!) and James Jones, and led the team with eight carries for 39 yards.

Time to move on.

The San Diego Chargers, who play tonight on MNF, fly to Wisconsin to face a hot Packers team at Lambeau Field for a Sunday afternoon game. Then a bye week, followed by a well-rested and well-prepared Packers team playing two highly-anticipated road games against top competition: Denver Broncos (5-0) and Carolina Panthers (4-0).

Yes, things are stacking up quite nicely, Packer fans.

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