Reports say Lamar Odomis recovering from nearly dying due to an overdose of herbal Viagra and other drugs. Odomwas found unresponsive and unconscious in a legal brothel in Nevada last week, and was taken to the Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, where he had been in a coma for nearly 4 days. It is now reported that he is up, breathing on his own, texting and talking with visitors.

Doctors now say his recovery is likely to take a long time, as a great deal of damage was done to his body during the ordeal, and some of it could be permanent. Doctors report that Lamar Odom is recovering, but that he will likely have future issues with talking and physical control.

Wife vows to stay by Lamar’s side during rehab

Even though his estranged wife Khloe Kardashian and him have signed divorce papers (which won’t be signed by judge for a few more months), she has stated that she plans to stay by injured Lamar's side until he recovers. So far, she has kept that promise and has been at his bedside and plans to be with him during his rehab therapy sessions asOdomis recovering. His wellbeing is all that is apparently on her mind for now.

In the past, Khloe has slowed the divorce proceedings for over a year because she said that she still had feelings for Lamar and wanted to be able to help him with his drug addiction. It isn’t known as yet how this new loyalty will impact their future relationship.

Organs are main concern

The main worry that could hinder Lamar’s rehab and recovery is damage to his organs. It is reported that he suffered several strokes while unconscious and along with the herbal Viagra, cocaine and heroin were in his system. While officials haven’t released the exact issues with Lamar’s condition, it is known that he had ingested 10 tablets of herbal Viagra, which is banned by the Food and Drug Administration, and could have also overdosed on some other kind of drugs before lapsing into a coma and being discovered unconscious at the brothel.

Lamar’s family happy he is recovering

Khloe isn’t the only one happy about Lamar’s apparent recovery process at the hospital after his near death ordeal. His father, Joe, was seen leaving Sunrise Hospital and had a huge smile on his face. His father is one of several family members who rushed to be a Lamar’s side.

Additionally, with Lamar Odom recovering, his two kids, Destiny and Lamar Jr. also came to Las Vegas to be with their sick father.

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