Chelsea F.C players and Coach: Jose Mourinho are going through "the worst period" of thier campaign in top flight football in England as they are in a position they have not witnessed in many years now.

Jose Mourinho admitted that, this is the "worst period of his career with the worst results". The team will be determined to face their opponent (Southampton) in the English Premier League today because Mourinho said "he accepts it as a fantastic experience, but do not want it repeated...I want to end on Saturday and start the match again" meaning they are going to play all they could in this match against the saints and onward in other not to repeat their poor form, bad run of games and possibly end the inconsistency in their play, with their top players not being in the best of forms lately.

A Chelsea F.C side last season that did not come down from the 1st spot in the EPL till they won the league convincingly from the beginning till the end of the 2014/2015 season and also went ahead to win theCapital One Cup .

The Blues have played Eleven official matches this season, the Blues have "managed" to win only four times, they have drawn only twice and lost they rest. The latest defeat was in the Champions League on Tuesday against FC Porto which ended 2-1.

The defending champion are struggling in the bottom half of the English Premier League table as they sit in 14th place gathering only Eight points from Seven matches from a possible 21 points, which implies that they are eight points off the current league leaders Manchester United.

They are the most fouled team in the league so far, yet they do not convert them. They have the best player in the league for 2014/2015 season then what is happening? Will they be dethroned?

The big question is: CAN CHELSEA FC get a chance of retaining this title? Where does their problem lie (Defense, Midfield or Attack)?

Matches to look out for in the English premier League this weekend:

Saturday 3rd October, 2015:

Crystal Palace v West Brom, Bounemouth v Watford, Aston Villa v Stoke City, Norwich v Leicester, Sunderland v West Ham, Man City v Newcastle Chelsea v Southampton

Sunday 4th October, 2015: Everton v Liverpool, Swansea v Tottenham, Arsenal v Man United (It is SUPER SUNDAY)

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