It's October. Time for promises, big expectations and pompous statements. A full five months have passed since last season, enough to put previous failures to the archives. For the New York Knicks, that's just what the doctor has ordered after reaching new lows. After only 17 wins last season - the worst season in franchise history - they are bound to bounce back. It would take some Sixers magic not to beat this score, but how much more would be enough for the restless fans? By doubling their W column, a grand improvement by all means, the Knicks would still be out of the playoffs, for the third consecutive year.

Playoffs? Meh. Let's aim at the title. It's October after all.

"That's always going to be the goal. Whether we get there or not depends on us and what we're doing. That's always our big-picture goal." - Carmelo Anthony claimed in a recent interview. Not exactly a promise, nor a guarantee, but still eye popping statement. So, let's take a look for the best case scenario.

The Knicks have had a busy summer. Phil Jackson has acquired a new frontcourt, not only the new starting frontcourt but the bench pair as well. Robin Lopez and Derrick Williams have shifted three time zones and Latvian sensation Porzingis was drafted. Throw in Seraphin, decent Wizards backup big man and you have yourself an interesting mix.

A defensive stopper, a high pick turned bust caught between positions, a skinny prospect and workforce of the bench. Nowhere near championship caliber combo, but let's focus on the best case scenario. Lopez plays great D and finds himself in the third (second?) All NBA Defensive Team. Porzingis figures it out by mid season and drops 15 points a night, while hiding his defensive deficiencies.

Williams and Seraphin support those two. The Knicks have added a pair of guards as well. Veterans Afflalo and Sasha Vujacic (remember him?) should split minutes at the off guard position. Neither player's stock is much above average, let alone championship high, but they could fit in nicely in a modern 3-and-D type of wing players.

The rest of the rotation returns from the last season, if you can call 40 games played by star shooter Carmelo Anthony or 42 games by starting point guard Calderon a season. Both have aged a year too, so let's not count that as an aberration just yet, even with the tank-mode fully on in the latter months of the season. Spanish veteran has missed the European championship and is fully healthy, so last year's surprise Galloway and a first round pick Grant should compete for the second unit minutes. And the star, well he needs to play at least 70 games somehow. Melo the 2015-version has no superstar power he once nearly reached, but can still draw double-teams and drop buckets at a fairly high rate.

Head coach Derek Fisher makes a surprising comeback after a dismal season. This non-move ties Jackson's future at Knicks with his protege's and it could turn for bad at least as easily as it could turn good.

Can this odd group somehow gel and make a championship team? No. That's the best case scenario verdict. But they should start at the locker room, forming a team. A Team. Adding further pieces would come easier and more frequent. Should the stars align in the right way and the Knicks reach the postseason this year, the answer to this question should at least be considered next year. And that's not a bad thing, even in October.

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