Chelsea F.C were the most fouled team in the English Premier League for the 2014/2015 season, after all said and done, with Eden Hazard pulling most of the fouls with his brilliance on the field. But this season, just as part of last season saw, we are seeing Diego Costa making defenders pull unneccessary tackles at him. On the other hand, we have a very talented midfielder in competition with Hazard in the person of Alexis Sanchez, who also pulls tackles as his body movement is sharp and very trickish there leaving Arsenal and Chelsea to compete for the most fouled team in the EPL.

Here is a table showing the Most Fouled Club in the EPL so far, and guess who sits on the Top of the table.



  • 1       CHELSEA FC                          79
  • 2       ARSENAL FC                          74
  • 3        EVERTON FC                         74
  • 4        BOURNEMOUTH                   73
  • 5        SWANSEA CITY                     73
  • 6        STOKE CITY                          72
  • 7        CRYSTAL PALACE                 71
  • 8        WEST HAM UNITED              71
  • 9        LEICESTER CITY                  69
  • 10      ASTON VILLA                        67
  • 11      NEWCASTLE UNITED           64
  • 12     MANCHESTER CITY              62
  • 13     TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR        61
  • 14     SUNDERLAND                       60
  • 15     LIVERPOOL                           59
  • 16     MANCHESTER UNITED         59
  • 17     SOUTHAMPTON                    58
  • 18     WATFORD                              57
  • 20     NORWICH                              49

Chelsea FC are leading again this season with 79 fouls won, but Hazard has not been in his best.


Then who is pulling this fouls that much? And of course Arsenal are behind them as usual.

Does that mean that all other players in those other teams do not know how to make players foul them or they do not have much of a trickery as E. Hazard and A. Sanchez, or they are not as physical as Diego Costa or maybe they are not as fast as Willian? 

Does is also mean that Chelsea F.C have more of the ball possession in every match that they have played?

I guess the answer is no. Then why?

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