The Magic number has been reduced to two games. Two games that can become 0 tonight with a Jays win and some help from the Red Sox once again. The lead for home field advantage throughout the playoffs is one game. It seems but almost certain that the 2015 Blue Jays will win the AL East division this season, a feat most of you know they haven’t achieved in 22 years. Earlier in the week, the Jays clinched at least a Wild Card spot.

The Toronto Blue Jays have six games remaining in the regular season fresh off another comeback victory against the Baltimore Orioles last night. If you want to dig deep back into the history books, some people think of the nightmare of 1987.

The Jays went into game 155 with a 96-59 record for tops in the AL East. The Jays then went on to lose seven games in a row including being swept by the Detroit Tigers which featured three-one run games in a row and a tough 1-0 loss in Game 162. The Jays went from sitting nicely in the AL East with a 3.5 game lead to finishing second in the division.

Some ask why that is even relevant over 25 years later. As of yesterday, the Jays had a four game lead over the New York Yankees. In 1987, the Jays had a 3.5 game lead over the Detroit Tigers. Now the likelihood of the exact same thing repeating itself this year is very slim and even more so now that the Jays won last night. The scenario for the Jays to clinch the AL East is rather simple.

Win one or two of their next six games and they have it.

Maybe all of those stats and figures are useless and they may definitely prove to be, but it is definitely something I would imagine would have been in the back of some heads.

Let’s go back. The Jays once upon a time were over ten games back in the AL East and were 50-51.

On September 29th, the Jays are 90-65 and have a most likely insurmountable four game lead over the Yanks. That is a record of 40-14 in their last 54. Granted most of this would have never happened without the additions of David Price and Troy Tulowitzki and Ben Revere among others and the resurrected bullpen efforts.

But you also have to look at things prior to the deadline. Yes, the Jays were 50-51 and it appeared that their destination was another early offseason but the fact that with the amount of games the bullpen gave away; being 50-51 was actually pretty incredible and John Gibbons who normally doesn’t get much credit can definitely be one of the reasons why the Jays have put themselves in this position.

Nothing but a Wild Card has been clinched yet for the Jays and there is no way the Orioles will back down tonight after their tough loss last night but if the Jays can get another good start from the young Marcus Stroman and continue to light up the scoreboard. It will be in the history books. For the first time in 22 years, the Toronto Blue Jays will be AL East Division Champions and the rocking will officially happen in Maryland.

Josh Donaldson will attempt to continue his production and make another case in him winning the AL MVP while AL CY Young candidate David Price will pitch in the upcoming three game set with the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Toronto Blue Jays take on the Baltimore Orioles tonight in game two of their four game set. First pitch is just after 7. It’s Marcus Stroman, Miguel Gonzalez at Camden Yards and the Jays are on the verge of history. You can catch all the action on Sportsnet and Sportsnet 590 the Fan.

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