One of the English Soccer Premier League greatest players in the league history, Steven Gerrard, has left his old club Liverpool and decided to Take his talent to Major Soccer League. He Has player for ‘The Reds’ for more than 15 years and will be remembered as club legend, but he can still play a big role for Liverpool.

Steven Gerrard has revaled that he would stay in Liverpool if he had been offered the chance to join Brendan Rodgers’ backroom staff. English midfielder ended his long journey from youth academy to Liverpool’s hall of fame. At the end of the previous season he decided to join Los Angeles Galaxy.

The 35-year-old says he would have accepted a coaching role and continued into his 18th season at Anfield Road. Many Liverpool fans thought that Gerrard would become Brendan Rodgers'assistant manager as Mike Marsh was not offered a New contrach as the first-team coach.

Steven Gerrard said that he would be delighted if he could shadowing Brendan Rodgers and his staff. Those ideas were only mentioned after he decided to retire from European soccer. Liverpool legend addend, that he don’t know if he could become a manager or assistant manager in such a big club like Liverpool, but he loves new challanges, so he will handle it.

The former England midfielder, who was Liverpool captain for 12 years before leasing the club, admitted there are times he yearns to be playing in the Premier League again.

He said that he miss everything about English soccer – fans, an atmosphere and type of playing style.

Liverpool legend admitted that the aggression, the intensity and the tension is much better in the Premier League than in any other soccer league in the world. He added that he miss competing with better players and being Steven Gerrard, Liverpool captain.But English midfielder thinks that he can still play at the high level as he will represent Los Angeles Galaxy for the next two seasons.

Could he become the Best player in the MLS? Comeptition is big, but Gerrard proved many Times that he is one of the best players in the world.

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