English Premier League club Manchester United wants to sign another Soccer star. This time ‘Red Devils’ are targeting German footballer, Marco Reus. He is currently playing for German side Borussia Dortmund, but he would like to change his location and take his talents to the bigger club than Borussia and for sure Manchester United is one of the top teams in Europe.

In the last month during the transfer window Marco Reus was connected with many soccer clubs. Some of the journalist insisted that German will join Real Madrid, but finally he decided to stay at his current club.

Meanwhile, Manchester United has loaned Belgian winger Adnan Januzaj to Borussia and United’s decision can pave the way for Reus to move to Old Trafford.

English staff said that Januzaj is in Germany to futher his experience and is due to return to Premier League next summer. But if the 20-year old winger impresses with the German side, Dortmund may be prepared to discuss and exchange deal included Marco Reus.

But there are still other top teams that would like to have Reus in their roosters. Premier League rivals Arsenal, Manchester City and Chelsea are eyeing Reus’ situation and they will be ready to spend a fortune to agree deal with German brilliant playermaker.

If Manchester United are hoping to make a exchange deal Belgian youngster have to impresses enough to convince Dortmund to cash in on Reus. Januzaj has great skills and shows no fear even against the greatest rivals but United loanee has struggled to deliver on his full potential.

Two years ago he was called one of the greatest soccer prospects, but something happened with his form and United decided to loan him for a season.

On the other hand, Marco Reus is a real star. His pace, intelligent movement and brilliant finishing make him a real threat against any defence. However there are many skeptics about him, because he struggled to stay healthy for all season.

This is a major issue for the Germany international. Could he join Manchester United? Hopefully we will see soon!

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