One of the best stories coming out of Packers training camp this summer has been that of rookie quarterback Brett Hundley. In his last two preseason games against Philadelphia and New Orleans, Hundley completed 70 percent of his passes for 551 yards and six touchdowns.

Packer fans have become giddy over Hundley’s performance, especially after Thursday’s 38-10 thrashing of the Saints at Lambeau Field. Some are wondering if he’s now the No. 2 quarterback ahead of Scott Tolzien (no); a few are asking if he could be used as “trade bait” for a first round pick next year (why?); and others are claiming he’s the biggest surprise in the 2015 draft (again, no).

For those who watched Hundley start the past three years at UCLA there is no surprise…other than he lasted until the fifth round and was viewed as a “project” by most of the league’s head coaches and general managers, outside of Ted Thompson, who smartly moved up in the draft to nab him.

Hundley finished the preseason as the top-rated passer at 129.6 and averaging 9.7 yards per attempt, which is basically what he did for the Bruins by completing 70 percent of his passes. Hundley’s first play as a redshirt freshman was a 72-yard scoring run. The next game against Nebraska he threw for 305 yards. He finished as the school’s all-time leader in both total offense and touchdown passes.

So how did Hundley fall to the 147th pick?

Leading up to the draft, some scouts doubted Hundley’s passing accuracy. Other scouts questioned his decision making. The other knock was that he ran too much at UCLA. Yes, he had a strong arm and a nice college career, but he wasn’t your NFL-type pocket passer.

When he was drafted by the Packers, most fans considered him a long shot to make the 53-player roster.

What they didn’t factor in was Hundley’s intelligence, his work ethic, his team-first approach and most of all his ability to bounce back after failing. He also has the personality that makes him a natural leader.

Take the Eagles game, for instance, which actually was more impressive than the Saints game. Hundley started the game against Philadelphia’s defensive starters and threw an interception on the Packers second possession. But he rebounded to throw a touchdown pass before the end of the first half and wound up with 315 yards and two TDs. Meanwhile, no projected starter played for the Saints.

As it turned out, Hundley got a huge break being drafted by the Packers. Initially, Philadelphia had targeted him, but with Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez, Matt Barkley and Tom Tebow in camp, he never would have played as much as he did to stand out.

For now, though, it’s back to the bench as the third QB, holding a clipboard, listening to play calls from associate head coach Tom Clements, and learning how to become an NFL quarterback from the best in the league, just like Aaron Rodgers did for three seasons behind Brett Favre.

Brett Favre. Brett Hundley. Hmm, could history be repeating itself?

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