Spain National Soccer team defeated Slovakia 2-0 in the Euro 2016 Qualificationmatch as hosts dominated the Group C current leaders. Jordi Alba and Andres Iniesta scored the goals in the first half with the Slovaks playing really bad in the starting 45 minutes.

Strong squad

Spain started the game with their 4-3-3 formation with great attacking lineup including English Premier League players like Pedro, David Silva and Diego Costa. Slovakia’s coach decided to play in more defensive way, so he set up five defenders to stop ‘La Furia Roja’. The visitors tried to repeat their last home victory against Spain, when they have won 2-1, but Spaniards were perfectly prepared.

The game began great for the Spain, who took the lead only five minutes after the starting whistle. Barcelona’s full-back Jordi Alba ran into the box and he was found by the brilliant pass, which allowed him to put the ball into the net.

The second goal was scored from penalty spot, when Diego Costa was a penalty kick for his team. Barcelona legend Andres Iniesta placed the ball on the penalty spot and calmly put it into the goal, making it 2-0 for Spain.

Spain dominated the game

Spain showed their vintage type of play from previous years, when they were unstoppable for any other team in the world. In the second half they decided to slow things down, but the style of creating the chances was still impressive.

Cesc Fabregas, Andres Iniesta and David Silva dominated the central part of the pitch so the Slovaks couldn’t make a comeback.

Spain striker Diego Costa once again tried to score a goal but he struggled to hit the target. David Silva also missed a great chance to make it 3-0, but his shot has been saved by the Slovakian goalkeeper.

Will they qualify for the Euro 2016?

Spain continued to dominate the ball with the opponents well beaten before the last whistle of the referee. Spaniards produced a brilliant performance, taking maximum points with their easy victory. The team showed real signs of their best form. Spain should qualify from the Group C easily and their supporters will be happy to see a style of soccer they all enjoy and admire.

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