Baseball can be a rather cruel sport. When you are not performing as expected, you are object of much criticism, when you're injured, everybody says that you are near to career's end, but when you act like a superstar, your name is heard in rumors of transfers everywhere.

This situation fits perfectly into what Carlos Gonzalez is going thru right now. This Maracaibo native who after regaining his form and prove he can perform in the best baseball in the world could be living his last moments in the uniform of the Colorado Rockies, same that he wore when he became a star in the majors.

But why Colorado should be moving him?

Everyone around this team is aware that they are in urgent need of an air of renewal, and that process will be easier using younger and cheaper players. The expensive ones should be traded to get new faces to Rockies’ roster. Troy Tulowitzki was the first to say goodbye. CarGo could be next.

Since May, this outfielder has 34 homers with 79 RBIs. Many Colorado’s fans may think that it is an indication that Venezuelan baseball player is the centerpiece of the future of the team, but everything indicates that it is the perfect time to receive the Rockies great deal for their 2010 champion bat.

It seems that with the departure of "Tulo" Gonzalez would have been the stone around to build the new Colorado Rockies for years to come, but Nolan Arenado looks like to be the chosen one to take the reins in the future.

Arenado, a third baseman, in 2015 has exploded, has averaged .287 with 36 homers and 106 RBIs. Besides his offensive production, Arenado could easily be the best defensive glove at his position. And, he is only 24 years old. Five years younger than CarGo.

So what to do with Carlos Gonzalez?

In statements published by the "Denver Post" Rockies general manager, Jeff Bridich denied the interest of trading González, but he confirmed that several teams asked for him.

However, González could be a luxury that a team that is far away of post season can not afford. González’s earnings reach $ 17 million in 2016 and around 20 million in 2017.There are more than three teams that can use an interesting package of prospects to obtain this player who has an impressive performance in the second half of 2015.

"No we have not held talks about a transaction that include him," said Bridich. "We're not desperate, but we handled it as they do the other teams," he said.

Mets, Royals, Angels and Yankees were among the teams to which Colorado media linked González. They all seem to have a good roster to be in 2016 post season.

Fans, media, Rockies management and especially Carlos González know that if he is healthy until October 4 when this season ends rumors about a trade won’t stop during the winter. Colorado’s outfielder should be prepared because he could receive a ticket to travel to another city where he will perform starting next April

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