The Basketball European nations tournament, which mostly takes place in France, is the sports major event of September. That competition shows how much NBA players from the Old World often have a quite disconcerting attitude !

The reluctance to win trophies with their country arouses various feelings. However, this month is clearly an opportunity for basketball amateurs to admire NBA protagonists.

Pau GASOL, who won NBA titleswith Los Angeles Lakers, is eager to lead Spain to the victory. Nonetheless, on the one hand, his brother Marc, who has become with Memphis Grizzlies one of the best centers of the world, is not in the Spanish group.

On the other hand, Chicago Bulls' giant had very rarely refused to help his national team.

Tony Parker and Dirk Nowitzki's examples more precisely reveal that tendency. San Antonio Spurs' point guard decided to decline basketball world championship last year. Yet, France reached the third place and, even though nothing's sure in sports, many people assert that his presence could have threatened the American team; anyway, the best player of the competition, Kyrie Irving, would have found an opponent who is accustomed to facing American players' talent.

After a new NBA victory in 2014, Parker has joined French national team in order to keep the trophy: in 2013, although Chicago Bulls' center Joakim Noah forbore, as usual, it was for Spurs' number 9 "la vie en rose" !

Furthermore, another NBA icon is giving rise to Europeans' excitement: Dallas Maverick Dirk Nowitzki. He hasn't played with Germany for nearly ten years and is trying to make Atlanta Hawk Shroder's teammates overcome another wall: international recognition for a very improving German basketball.

Pau Gasol, Parker and Nowitzki are not far from the end of their career.

Nevertheless, equating their intention to help their basketball national team with a tardy patriotic feeling would be a mistake. Moreover, Goran Dragic, Ricky Rubio, Mirza Teletovic or Timofey Mozgov refused to devote one month to their country; but their decision was not motivated by selfishness.

Actually, the three legends, thanks to their long path in NBA, have been able to take aware of NBA's impact all over the world.

In their own country, they have becomeembodiments of basketball, a symbol of a very exciting and spectacular competition of the dawning century: NBA.

And there is one fact which mustn't be neglected: the two best teams in Euro will participate in the next Olympic Games, in Rio, probably the greatest moment in an athlete's life. Unless NBA players think that the 2016 Sugarloaf Mountain meeting has been sugarcoated !

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