The rumors have begun. Who will take place of the Toronto Blue Jays' current president at the end of the 2015 season?Paul Beeston has been with the Blue Jays for over 15 seasons, including back in the so called “glory” days when the Jays won back to back World Series in ’92 and ’93.

Beeston left the Jays in 1997 to becomepresident of the MLB until 2002, followed by returning to the Jays in 2008.

The rumors outside of the clubhouse have started swirling.Thankfully it would appear they have stayed out of the locker room as the Jays continue their hot play and look forward to the playoffs.

Dave Dombrowski is one of the names that have shared interest in the vacant position.

Dombrowski not only supposedly wants to take over presidency, but he also wants to take the duties of General Manager, a position Alex Anthopolous at this moment seems to have a good grab onto.

So let’s digest this and break it all down. Dombrowski began his GM days back in 1988 with the Montreal Expos. He managed four seasons, ending with a sub-par .500 record in two of the four seasons. He then went on to manage the then Florida Marlins where he won one World Series but finished under .500 in eight of the nine years including a dismal 54-108 record in 1998, the year after they won the Championship.

Now we move onto the most recent ERA of Dombrowski. The Tigers signed Dombrowski in 2002, where he spent the better part of 13 years, but failed to win a World Series losing in the final twice.

Again, Dombrowski had a record under .500 at .484.

Now we all know what Beeston has done with the club, he won two World Series in his early days, but no matter how this season ends up, Beeston at the hearty age of 70 is set to leave the club.

Now we move onto Alex Anthopolous, who has been with the Jays since 2009, when he took over for J.P Ricciardi.

Anthopoulous has never made the playoffs with the Jays, but has had a few decent seasons and is in the midst of his best so far this season.

Currently the Jays hold what will likely be a 1/2game lead on the Yankees as they lead the Cleveland Indians big. Anthopolous has never been one to shy away from the big moves.

He has given away some of the club's biggest prospects in Travis D’arnaud, Noah Syndergaard and Jeff Hoffman, just to name a few.

What he has gotten back in return is the reason Anthopoulous may just have a job come next season. With the additions of just to name a few in David Price and Troy Tulowitzki, AA has given this team their biggest chance in over 22 years to make the playoffs.

It is reported that Dombrowski will ask for around eight million dollars per season, this season Beeston is signed with the Jays for 1.5 million.

Now we know, in 79 days AA’s contract will expire. So what do the Toronto Blue Jays do? Sign Dombrowski who has proved some success in his career for a hefty eight million dollars roughly?

Or do put your trust in a guy who at the age of only 38 has turned the mindset and energy of this franchise around in two weeks?

The Jays have also had interest from Doug Melvin for the soon-to-be vacant president position. Melvin was the GM of the Milwaukee Brewers from 2002 until August 11, 2015 when he stepped down into an advisory role.

It’s hard to look ahead to the future with the present being so bright, but David Price is set to become a free agent, there will be a hole at the president position, and perhaps the GM position. Luckily for the Jays, these are all but rumors right now, but soon there will be a time when moves are to be made.

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