It would seem that the Toronto Blue Jays roster is set… the key word is “seem.” Although the trade deadline has come and gone, Jays GM Alex Anthopolous said he is still looking for some pieces in the outfield and on the mound.The big question: is it actually worth it to put someone on waivers in hoping to stir up a trade and think you may actually get someone valid in return? Obviously AA (Alex Anthopoulos) thinks so and after all he’s done, who knows what could be brewing up in Toronto.

On July 27th, the Toronto Blue Jays were 50-50, and six games behind in the division. On August 11th, the Jays are 61-52 and 1.5 games behind in the division and winners of eight straight.

Why has this team been so good in the last couple weeks? Since acquiring an All Star shortstop in Troy Tulowitzki, the Jays are 11-0 with him in the lineup, and since acquiring David Price, they are 2-0 with him inthe lineup.

Tulowitzki not only brings offense, but he is most known for his rock solid defense and ability to win team’s games. Price, on the other side, is a guy who will go to the mound every five games and more often than not, especially since joining the Jays give you masterful starts. In his two starts with the Jays, Price is 2-0 with a 0.60 ERA while Tulowitzki is batting .244 and has not made an error.

Price and Tulowitzki are household names, but AA also acquired a Wiley veteran in LaTroy Hawkins who has not allowed a run in his six appearances so far and a speedster in Ben Revere.

Revere has struggled at the plate, so far going only 4-31, but has the ability to spark the crowd with his stellar out fielding ability. AA was also active in getting a shutdown middle relief pitcher in Mark Lowe. Lowe was tremendous in Seattle this season, and although he got off to a shaky start with the Jays you can look for him to turn that around to his normal form.

All in all, two weeks ago with the way they were going, it was unlikely the Jays were making the playoffs. Since then, AA has added five playersthat make this a very prominent team to not only make the playoffs, but raise the World Series trophy. Something the city of Toronto has not been able to see since 1993.

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