The Toronto Blue Jays are red hot.

How hot you ask? The Jays completed a three-game sweep on August 13, against the now 51-65 Oakland Athletics at their home Rogers Centre. With the win, the Jays extend their winning streak to 11 games in a row, 14 of their last 15. 

With the win, Mark Beurhle moved to 13-5 on the season and continues to be  one of the Jays' best pitchers.

Also with the win, the Jays become the first team since the 1954 Cleveland Indians to have two 11-game win streaks in one season. That year the Indians were swept by the then-New York Giants in the World Series.

In those 15 games, the Jays have mustered 85 runs, while only squandering 39.

The run included impressive back-to-back shutouts over the New York Yankees, now one full game behind the Jays in the AL East. In total, the Jays are averaging 5.6 runs while giving up an stingy 2.6 runs.

Why the turnaround in Toronto? Yes, the additions of David Price, Troy Tulowitzki, Ben Revere, Latroy Hawkins and Mark Lowe have been huge. But it’s the core players who have been Jays since April who are stepping up -- BIG TIME.

In his last three starts, R.A. Dickey has been greatM, winning all three of his games --  including back-to-back scoreless games. That was the first time Dickey accomplished that in his time with the Jays. 

Are they Jays unbeatable? Are they lock to win the division? How can you argue the point? 

Sure, teams go on streaks but the last time a team went on a tear like this was when the 2013 Boston Red Sox won 13 of 16 from late August to early September  and -- oh yeah! --  won the World Series in six games.

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Where were the Jays in 2013? Front runners at the beginning of the season, given 4-1 odds to win the Series. After 162 games, they were in the deep basement of the AL East with a .457 record. Any chance these surging birds could topple so dramatically? 

Don’t get me wrong, Alex Anthopolous has done wonders for this team. He has turned them from a team that could barely attract  25,000 fans into a team that sells outs on a daily basis and can battle with the MLB’s best.

Do they have the stamina to keep the charge up to the postseason and can they ride the wave to the Championship itself?

Stay tuned this weekend for perhaps the biggest series to date as the Jays have a chance to seriously damage the Yankees this Friday through Sunday.