Ferrari. To speak the name is to immediately conjure images of deep red cars and a flashing meticulously fast down the straights of famous race courses through the world. Throughout the history of motor racing no name is more synonymous with victory than Ferrari. At every race the tifosi, Ferrari's fans, can be seen in seas of red, passionately holding aloft a massive flag bearing the iconic Prancing Horse upon it.

As of late, however, Ferrari has been struggling. Within the hallowed walls of some of Formula One's most famous venues, Ferrari has failed to even reach the podium. The team, whose name was once the definition of winning, hasn't won a Constructor's Championship since current driver, Kimi Raikkonen's, first go around in 2007.

The new rule changes and regulations have been hard on a team once world renowned for their innovation and for this season, the team underwent its second change in driver line up in as many years.

For the 2015 season, Ferrari chose to retain former World Champion Kimi Raikkonen, who raced for them last year alongside Fernando Alonso. Raikkonen, after all, had won them their last Constructor's championship and the hunger to win another, for both driver and team, grows with each passing day. Next to Raikkonen, Ferrari placed four time World Champion, Sebastian Vettel, who not only has a friendly, easy relationship with Raikkonen, but who more importantly, is one of the most talented and successful racers driving today.

To Ferrari, the combination holds a great deal of promise. Both drivers are experienced, focused, and are known for pulling more from a car than was thought to be there. Raikkonen's previous year with Ferrari held limited success and much discontent due to the changes in the cars and the rules. Vettel had previously been with Red Bull, with whom he has won all of his titles, but was looking for something more, something intangible and interwoven with the history of racing.

He was looking for Ferrari.

This was not the first time in the team's history that they had struggled. In the 90s, Ferrari could barely get their cars on the track, much less to the top of the podium. They floundered every weekend, flopping about with technical difficulties and frustrated drivers. They chewed up and spat out cars and drivers alike with no luck until the great Michael Schumacher joined them.

When he did,there was a visible change in the dynamic of Ferrari. It was more than just a pursuit for winning, but an installation of faith in the building of an empire, that could be felt long before it was seen. Schumacher and the team continued to struggle for a few years until magic came together and man, machine, and team clicked. Then they became unstoppable in a tidal wave of winning. A tidal wave that a young Sebastian Vettel was swept up in.

Now, Vettel stands in a similar place as his hero. Ferrari is battered and fighting to retain their place in the hierarchy of Formula One and Vettel has his own redemption to partake in. He has already contributed tremendously to the team, making an effort to learn Italian and speak to the tifosi in their own language; he spends a tremendous amount of time in the shop with the mechanics and engineers, and he has already brought Ferrari victory this season.

So now, the former champion and the former championship team, stand on the brink of repeating, and possibly exceeding history, creating a destiny for both that may be beyond what anyone can imagine.

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