It's been something that hasn't happened in decades, 23 years to be exact. But are the 2015 edition of the Toronto Blue Jays ready to end that dreadful streak? If youlook back as near as a week and a half ago and the way they were going, you would probably say no but you look at the present, and that answer may just change.

We quickly look back to July 27th, The Jays were 50-50 and seven games behind the surging New York Yankees as well as three games behind a wild card spot. Those numbers could have meant the Jays perhaps could have squeaked into a playoff spot, but the way they were playing with the horrid percentage of completed saves to blown saves, there was a very slim chance the Jays could make the playoffs.

Now we look at August 4th. The Jays going 5-2 in their last seven games to push their record to 55-52. Yes they have been playing great ball lately, including winning three of four against a feisty Kansas City Royals team, but its only been seven games. How can one be so quick to change their mind?

July 28th, at the late hours of the day. Jose Reyes was no longer a Jay. The trade that sent former All-Star Reyes to the Rockies in return for two time gold glove and All Star Troy Tulowitzki and bullpen pitcher LaTroy Hawkins. Since coming to the Jays, the 30 year old Tulowitzki has been stellar batting .350 including knocking out one homer. Hawkins, a 21 year veteran, has pitched three innings, allowing two hits and no runs.

The Jays added a definite upgrade in Tulo for the struggling Reyes and added a small piece to their bullpen, but did AA really address their main concern?

We move ahead to the eve of the trade deadline in July 30th at roughly 11:00 PM. AA (Alex Anthopoulous) made a deal that has given the Jays their biggest opportunity to make the playoffs in 23 years.

They gaveaway the rights to one of their best prospects, Daniel Norris, who then went on to pitch against the Baltimore Orioles, and pitched stellar giving up only three hits in eight innings. With the win, Norris helped the Jays as they are in a battle with the Orioles currently for the playoffs. Coming back for the Jays was David Price, who is almost 30, has 96 career wins and has won the AL Cy Young once.

Price pitched for his first time for the Jays on Monday afternoon against the Twins and was phenomenal. Hewent8 innings, allowing only three hits while fanning 11 batters. Which tied the Blue Jays record for strikeouts by a first time Jays pitcher. With the win, Price goes to 10-4 total on the season with the Tigers and the Jays with a 2.45 ERA and a dazzling strikeout to walk ratio of 149-31.

All in all, the Jays have added an All-Star shortstop, a grizzled veteran out of the bullpen in Hawkins and a bonafide Ace in Price. The question is what is stopping the Jays from making the postseason? As of August 4th, they are tied for the second wild card spot with a 55-52 recordand only 5.5 games behind the Yankees who they play 13 more times.

The answer is, themselves. AA has done quite the job in assembling a championship calibre ball club, now it's the players time to prove they have what it takes to be playing meaningful ball come September.

Stay tuned, you're in for a wild ride in Toronto.

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