Today’s reopening of the two-story Packers Hall of Fame inside the Lambeau Field Atrium will be another historic occasion for die-hard Packer fans. With the museum’s use of new technology and interactive displays, visitors are bound to feel deeply connected to the franchise’s 96-year history of football excellence.

It’s also a great time to reflect on the past and the first time every football fan — not just Packer fans — had the good fortune of visiting the original 17,000-square foot Packers Hall of Fame building, that was formally dedicated in April 1976; the first HOF built to honor a single professional football team (a non-permanent HOF actually was founded in 1966).

That old hall of fame closed in December 2002, and the new oneopened in September 2003 inside one floor of the atrium.

How many of you posed alongside the 22-foot tall Receiver statue that greeted passersby and imagined what it would have been like to be No. 88 in a Packers uniform?

As a Packers fan for 33 years beforehand, experiencing that hall of fame for the first time in November 2000 was an unforgettable, almost Mecca-type of experience. Inside you could feel the reverence of the building, the silence as you walked through the many rooms separated into decades, watching old video clips including the most famous game in Packers history, the Ice Bowl, and paying homage to the hundreds of players and coaches who filled your memories.

Who didn’t sit in the executive chair once occupied by Vince Lombardi in his replica office and didn’t feel awed by the power? Who didn’t try the Lambeau Leap at least once? Doesn't look that high on television. And at the end, remember seeing those brilliantly lit three Super Bowl trophies? Absolutely priceless.

The newest version of the Packers HOF looks spectacular, from the preservation of Lombardi’s office to the evolution of the Packers helmet and uniform to the interactive Brett Favre exhibit. Can’t wait to celebrate my 15-year anniversary attending my first Packers game and making new memories at the Packers Hall of Fame.

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