Roger Federer celebrated his 34th birthday two weeks back, making his intent crystal clear pertaining upcoming US Open, as he defeated world champion Novak Djokovic in 90 minutes time-frame on Sunday, and winning the Cincinnati Masters title for the 7th time now.

Djokovic looked depressed and crestfallen as he wanly attempted a tired backhand, losing the finale to Federer by 7-6 and 6-3. Later on, he reasoned his dismal performance due to a stomach strain, which occurred during a semi-final match vs. Alexander Dolgopolov along with an elbow injury occurring in a match against Andy Murray owing to his sub-par performance, which culminated in his defeat in the finals.

Roger Federer was ecstatic on the other hand. He was on the top of his game, winning with sheer aggressiveness, surprising the competitors in this tournament. Systematically tiring down his opponent, Djokovic, he’s now the current favorite for US Open Championship ranking above Andy Murray, but below Djokovic.


The victory comes as a sigh of relief for Federer, as tennis’s most charming and adorable player celebrated an emphatic victory, coming after losing twice to Djokovic in Wimbledon finals. During this tournament, Djokovic sensed retribution and aggressiveness from his opponent, as he coped with his new game-plan.

As per Djokovic, it was apparent enough the conditions and turf’s surface is tailor-made for Federer, enabling his swift movements.

Being open-minded as he is, Djokovic admitted that his fighting potential lasted till the tie-break, after which the game belonged to Federer entirely. Adding on further, he admitted these playing conditions weren’t his strong suit, they were conducive to Federer’s.

The Cincinnati trophy eludes Djokovic after five futile attempts.

Winning rest of the 8 ATP Master tournaments, he jokingly admitted that he eagerly awaited Federer’s retirement. Referring to US Open ahead, he stated that his current form wasn’t at its peak. On the bright side, the New York conditions favor his gaming style more.

The game-plan

An ecstatic Federer was jubilant with his change in game plan working flawlessly, but maintains that he will be tact with it, since Flushing Meadows have heavy playing conditions.

His aim is to surpass the yesteryear greats, Jimmy Connors and Pete Sampras. Moreover, he has five wins in NYC’s Flushing Meadows.

Revealing his game plan in US Open, he mentioned that it will be aggressive and unpredictable at best, mixing it up with his old style and new technique. Albeit, it may not work flawlessly as always, but it worked pretty well in Cincinnati final.

Being blunt, he divulged that he used backhand systematically rather than doing it on each second serve. Being aggressive was the key as in his long career, he’s using the forehand aggressively. Now, he’s employing his backhand serves.

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