Even though the NBA season is a couple of months away, fans and specialists are already diving into the analyzing of rookies and measuring their possible/projected impacts. With an anticipated draft class, the 2015 draftees are in good company from UCLA to Guangdong. Due to the talented members of the cohort, ranking them according to skill is sometimes difficult, leaving much of it up to opinion, especially at the higher ranks. Fans have their favorites, mixing bias into the picture further complicating any potential agreements to rank rookies and declare a Rookie of the Year. Therefore, the experts stepped in as they always do, to try and settle the score or at least bring more certainty.

Due to their advanced analytics and observations, they are able to produce enhanced predictions.

Coming in 5th place for Rookie of the Year, Miami Heat Shooting Guard Justice Winslow (10th overall pick) from Duke University, known for his strength and defense, found himself at this place on the list mostly due to the team he has around him. Having a team consisting of superstars Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade and many other great players, the Heat pretty much have a secured playoffs spot. Therefore, Winslow's minutes may not be sufficient in terms of impacting the Heat's success enough to award him Rookie of the Year.

The 4th place slot was awarded to Lakers Point Guard D'Angelo Russell (2nd overall pick).

The former Ohio State Guard is seen as a potential best player in his draft class. With a few professional years under his belt in the near future, many believe that he'll undoubtedly become a force to be reckoned with. The following three athletes are all in high favor for winning the award. ESPN analysts just decided to calm the waters with their official predictions, as they always do.

Denver Nuggets Point Guard, Emmanuel Mudiay (7th overall pick) drafted from Guangdong, China takes up the third spot on the list. Known in part for his ball handling skills and athleticism, he has unlimited potential to become a force in the league and help the Nuggets go far in the upcoming season.

The Rookie of the Year runner up is predicted to be Philadelphia 76ers Center, Jahlil Okafor (3rd overall pick) from Duke University. The 6'11, 270 lb. Center with impeccable footwork is sure to dominate. Since the 76ers didn't do so great the past season, there's plenty of room for improvement.

Lastly, the predicted Rookie of the Year is no other than 1st overall pick from Duke University, Karl-Anthony Towns. The Timberwolves Center praised for his interior scoring and passing ability is in a great position and will really be able to impact his team greatly. With the NBA season on the horizon, it's many uncertainties. Fans are anxious for the action to begin on October 27, where the Cleveland Cavaliers will face the Bulls in Chicago.

But, for now, we can only analyze and predict.

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