On December 12th, Irishman Conor McGregor, the current UFC Interim Featherweight Champion, will step into the octagon in Las Vegas, to fight current Featherweight Champion, the Brazilian José Aldo. The fight, which originally was slated to take place July 11th, was postponed due to a rib injury which was sustained by Aldo during training camp. McGregor instead fought Chad Mendes July 11th, winning the Interim title in the process and increasing the demand for a battle with Aldo.

The fight, which was formally announced August 10th, ignited instant controversy and excitement. There had been accusations and rumors, after the cancellation of the first fight, that Aldo was afraid, that he wasn't really that hurt, and that he should have fought regardless.

The reinstatement of title fight between the two men has reignited some of those rumors while also extinguishing them and creating a crescendo of excitement around the upcoming fight that has rarely been seen before.

Aldo, whose rib has healed and re-entered training camp, is currently the underdog with McGregor sitting at 2-1 in the odds. Aldo, despite being on the losing side of the odds, is recognized at the pound for pound best fighter in the world at his weight class according to Mixed Martial Arts rankings. His record is an astonishing 25-1-0 and he poses a challenge the likes that McGregor has not seen before.

In his own right, McGregor poses a new kind of threat to Aldo. McGregor is fast, capable, and strong.

His reach is longer than Aldo's and his knock outs are at 89% over Aldo's 60%. The accuracy of his strikes is slightly higher at 43% over Aldo's 42%, his defense, however, is not as efficient – 64% versus Aldo's 72%. McGregor has been working on his ground game as well, a response to Aldo's blackbelt in jiu jitsu.

McGregor is a striker, for the most part, more comfortable on his feet, throwing power from his hands and lightning from his kicks. Aldo toois a capable striker and his kicks have debilitated more than one fighter. Aldo's kicks, like his strikes, are fast, accurate, and powerful, and have been responsible for ending more than one fight.

With each passing day the tidal wave of anticipation for the upcoming battle grows. Theories, odds, and possible outcomes are tinkered with and tossed about across social media and peppered in commentaries of the fights that go beforehand. In each camp, promotional activities are carefully monitored, training camps are being structured, and each fighter is preparing for what is most likely one of the most important fights of their lives, and quite possibly one of the best fights the world has ever seen.

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