A visual spectacle unfolded in front of a merely 12-year old boy, Chayton Krauss, as a packed house of 46,000 spectators erupted into euphoric celebrations. The 12-year old kid stuck a single during the 6th innings to the right field situated in the bottom, allowing Lewisberry Pennsylvania, a comprehensive 3-2 win against Pearland, Texas during their campaign in Little League World Series championship matchup.

Individual performances

According toChayton Krauss, it was an awesome feeling to hit the winning run and saw the crowd erupt. He knew the opponent had a reasonable fastball and curveball.

He got the former and nailed it.

Meanwhile, Cole Wagner hit 11 from 5(2/3) innings, recording another victory by hitting the home run for Red Land Little League Team. The team comes from Lewisberry and multiple other smaller towns, two hours away from Williamsport.

Lewisberry will take on unbeaten Tokyo on Sunday for World Series championship. Tokyo defeated Mexicali, Baja California and Mexico previous Saturday with 1-0 playing for Little League World Series championship. Fans had started piling as early as 6 a.m. for the official match to begin at 3:30 p.m., setting a new record for match attendance of 45, 715. The outfield fence was quickly jam-packed with just a patch left for kids to take part in hill sliding competition.

Many were still watching from the parking lot fence located on the hill. According to the Lewisberry manager Tom Peiffer, there were people as far as the eye could reach. They were ecstatic and he wanted to give them something.

Match summary

Cole Wagner hit a home-run on the opposite-field, giving Pennsylvania 1-0 lead and the home-crowd something to cheer.

Pearland, Texas, tied the score with base running during the second.

Tristen Schwehr scored a single while Zack Mack made a double putting the runners on 1st and 3rd respectively. Raffi Gross made a score as Schwehr went to second base as the throw reached Wagner’s glove in attempt to stop it. Marco Gutierrez took his Pearland, Texas team to a 2-1 lead when he took a double to his right-center field.

Mack reached from the first base by walking.

Pearland manager Andrew Soloman was impressed with the kids. He stated that it is amazing how they can block it out at just age 12 and 13 at this stage. He was immensely proud of the work put in by his boys on-off the field.

Henline scored the home-run, hitting the ball into a massive pool of jubilant Red Land fans located in the right field tying the match at bottom of the 4th. Earlier in the tournament, he made a walk-off double vs. California. The crowd gave a standing ovation to Cole Wagner as he struck the 1st two batters during the 6th innings. Barely 12-years old, the left-handed kid hit 11 while throwing 59 strikes prior to getting substituted by Henline.

Meanwhile, no team from Pennsylvania had won the American title since 1990 (when a Shippensburg team recorded their victory), let alone the World Series title since 1960 (when Levittown recorded their victory). As per Chayton Krauss, it felt awesome to be in this championship and looking forward to more matches.

Pearland, Texas has thrice competed in Little League World Series from 2010. It eventually lost to American teams all three times.

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