Packer social groups began heating up Sunday morning in the first quarter of the Packers-Steelers pre-season game with news that Jordy Nelson had hurt his knee and left the game. By half-time the NFL media circles were blowing up with news that Jordy had suffered a “significant knee injury” and would miss the entire 2015 season.

Nelson, 30, an eight-year Packers veteran, was coming off a career season as Aaron Rodgers’ favorite receiver, catching 98 passes for 1,510 yards and 13 touchdowns.

Now done before the season had begun.

As you can expect, the range of emotions from the Packers faithful on social media was swift and honest.

In case you missed it here’s a sampling from the first 30 hours:

From Packers long-time fans like Jen Sparks, who believed, “If Jordy is ruled out it’s a tough loss for sure but it doesn't mean it's over for us folks!”

…to Packers fans with short-term memories like Ian O’Brien who recalled, “I think the Seahawks are still gonna be giving us trouble though unfortunately. Even with Nelson healthy they're tough to beat.”

From the Packers’ most pragmatic fans like Nic Purtee, who said, “Prayers for Jordy... That being said, he will not cost us anything. We do have many young guys ready to step up. We should be more worried about o line.”

…to the dedicated, oftentimes lonely Packers fans, Lisa McGinnis pleeded, “Am I the only one glued to the tv and Facebook waiting on the MRI results?”

From irrational Packers fans like Caitlin Tierney: “Please you can have my legs Jordy!!!”

…to rational Packers fans like Nick White: “It’s not like Jordy died he will be back next yr.”

From the Packers’ Optimist Society, Matt Wessel insisted: “Do not panic guys.

We will be just fine without Jordy. Davante Adams will have a breakout year and we'll still have the best offense and we'll still win the Super Bowl!”

… to the Packers’ Charlie Brown Society, Sean Kane bemoaned “Last year it was BJ Raji, this year it's Jordy Nelson. It's a devastating injury, but have faith that they will find a way to fill the gap.”

For all the Packers Moms and Grandmas, Kathy Teschner Nelson began by saying, “the thought of him standing on the sidelines when the Packers win the Super Bowl breaks my heart.

I am praying for good news for him.” Then Kathy concluded by saying how she really felt. “Because this kinda s*** just shouldn’t happen to the nicest, happiest, most laid-back kid on the block. Wish there was someone I could punch in the face to make him feel better cause I would do it.”

From Packers opponents like Detroit Lions safety Glover Quin, who stunned the media by saying, “I believe it was God meant for Jordy to get hurt" to Packer proponents Packers fans like Travis Chase, who posted this heartless, sourceless blurb: “Word is in Packers circles was that Jordy's knee was a ticking time bomb waiting to go off and it was just a matter of when not if it blew."

Then finally this from Jordy Nelson on his Facebook page: “Thank you to my family, the Packers, my friends, my partners and Packers fans everywhere for your thoughts and prayers.

I appreciate your loyalty and support and am looking forward to helping the team however I can as we focus on an exciting season ahead of us.”

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