The Cleveland Cavaliers have been doing a great job securing the team that got them to the NBA Finals last season. As the Cavaliers continue to re-sign players like LeBron James, Kevin Love, even former Knicks' Guard Iman Shumpert. Shumpert's massive 4-year $44 million contract made NBA fanatics wonder about Smith even more. Smith's decision to opt out of his contract in June surprised many,asthose people believed the Cavs were his only choice. Due to J.R.'s streakiness and off-court drama, finding teams to take the "risk" on him doesn't come that easy, as he found out the hard way.

J.R. opted out of his last year with the Cavs, worth $6.4 million as he entered the free agency pool.

Hehoped to have the chance to receive more money from another team, or offers that caused the Cavs to pay more if they really wanted him. The lack of offers may have surprised some while affirming others. Smith was probably hoping to ride the hype of his performance in the Eastern Conference Finals that eventually led to the elimination of the Atlanta Hawks in 4 games. However, everybody dwells on the negative, especially when it's the last thing to remember you by. J.R. Smith's huge slump was fairly evident to everybody who watched the NBA Finals, especially those who watched the Eastern Conference Finals and saw him shine.

Smith took the matter to Instagram in terms of letting the world know that he'll be returning to the Cavs this season.

LeBron James chose Twitter to express excitement for getting his teammate back. As you can tell, they bonded greatly during Smith's time with the Cavs. His deal is for two years, $10 million. However, Smith will be taking a loss: he would've made $1.4 million more this season if he would've never opted out.

It's not all bad News for J.R. though because he can deny any trade this season and will be able to test free agency again after the season concludes.

The Cavs got the band back together, so we'll see if they can give their fans the show they've been waiting for.

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