The Green Bay Packers were scared stiff anticipating another injury-prone player this week. With Jordy Nelson’s injury six days before, Randall Cobb suffered a light shoulder injury on Saturday’s game against Philadelphia Eagles. Rest assured, it doesn’t seem season-ending for that matter. Green Bay Packers lost the game 39-26 to Philadelphia Eagles this Saturday. The coach Mike McCarthy remains confident that this injury was a minor shoulder bump.

The preseason could be cataclysmic catastrophe for Green Bay Packers if Randall Cobb had been in the sidelines. The Packer fans and teammates watched in intense anxiety has he left the field, since Jordy Nelson’s absence was already a huge setback for them.

Cobb’s last season record boasts of 12 touchdowns and 91 passes for some 1200+ yards. He was preceded by his own teammate Jordy Nelson with 13 touchdowns and 98 catches for some 1500+ yards.

The incident

While playing against the Eagles on his third play, Cobb got injured. In an attempt to catch a pass thrown by quarterback Brett Hundley, he fell hard on his right shoulder. The team doctor Dr Pat McKenzie quickly examined him on the sidelines and shifted to Lambeau Field locker room for thorough medical examination. The young-gun feared breaking his collarbone, but the tests showed intact bones.

He stated, ‘I fell on the ground while catching the ball and then a player landed on top of me. I could feel the pain in my shoulders and had no clue as to its cause.

It was discomforting and the physician checked it out. Thankfully, the results were a wave of relief. These weeks were a bit difficult for us and this injury is a blessing in disguise’.

He will undergo more tests on Sunday but was conflicted about appearing in the next game. According to the player,it was a day to day process, and there’s no need to jump to conclusions yet.

If physically fit, he’s to appear in September 13 in Chicago.

Injury-prone season

Green Bay Packers admitted two more injured players:

  • Micah Hyde with neck pains
  • Bryan Bualaga with ankle injury

The coach McCarthy stated that both injuries were dismissive at best. As Bryan Bulaga left the field, only Corey Linsley was the talented lineman left.

He kept Aaron Rodgers in the sidelines in this game since three key lineman out due to injuries. As a result, they applied a similar strategy with Randall Cobb again citing his injury.

Jordy Nelson is out for this season with a ruptured ACL during initial game.

Green Bay Packers are to take on Bears in Chicago later in September and final decision will be based on coach’s decision and medical tests.

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