Amongst this last springs recruiting frenzy, controversial tactics were used by more isolated schools in hopes of overcoming their recent recruiting woes. These northern and midwestern schools organized camps hundreds of miles from their campus, and multiple states away, all in order to see and talk to recruits that would not be able to make a 500 mile journey north. "Satellite Camps" as they are called, were deemed dishonorable by southern schools. However, northern schools praised the idea as their fans called it ingenious.

In fact, satellite camps are just a simple loophole. The NCAA prohibits schools from hosting camps outside of a 50 mile radius from their campus.

Nevertheless, the NCAA says nothing about staff from universities being "guest" a camps ran by non university affiliates. Why does this stir up controversy? Well, ACC and SEC rules state coaches are not allowed to travel out of that 50 mile radius even if as a guest. Thus, a Big Ten school could theoretically have a satellite camp 51 miles away from Alabama's campus and have every single coach attend, while none of Alabama's staff could, even if invited.

At the SEC media days the first question Nick Saban was asked was about Satellite Camps, specifically the many Jim Harbaugh head coach of Michigan held. Saban's response was,"It wasn't a big deal, but it's not right." Saban then later clarified that the NCAA has a recruiting calendar that allows coaches to recruit off campus at designated times, along with saying that should be followed or, SEC and ACC schools should be allowed to host satellite camps as well.

In addition to all of this, at the Big Ten media days, Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson said he will not conduct satellite camps for that they are unfair and unsportsmanlike.

In the end, satellite camps are legal. How much longer that legality will last is uncertain. Are satellite camps sportsman-like?

Are they an unfair advantage from northern schools, or do they even the playing field? In my opinion, they should remain legal because it truly helps recruits find the right fit for them, along with the fact that if the SEC or ACC wanted to make them legal they could. Leave your opinion in the comments below.

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