The 2015 season for the Chicago Bears should be a tough one as they have the 13 overall toughest schedule in the NFL.The Bears will start they season with a tough six game spurt where they will play four teams that made the playoffs. Then they will hit their bye week and only have to face four more playoff teams in their final ten games giving the Bears a total of eight playoff teams they have to face in the upcoming season.

The Bears start their season against their arch rival the Green Bay Packers in Chicago. This game will be the key prediction for what is to come of their season.

With a new coaching staff in John Fox and new players like rookie wide receiver Kevin White, replacing Brandon Marshall who was traded to the New York Jets, and other key pick ups like Will Montgomery the Bears seem to have a formula that should work.The answer should be clear after week 6 of the NFL season for how the Bears will finish their season.

If the Chicago Bears enter the bye with an even record things could be promising as they won't have to play a playoff team for three weeks allowing them to build some confidence in their system.Although, if the Bears have a losing record at the break things could get out of hand quickly to the Monsters of the Midway. They will have low confidence in the new systems in place and without confidence the can find themselves losing to teams they shouldn't.

The play of Jay Cutler is also a huge factor to whether or not the Bears will be a contender. Cutler has had a rollercoster of years in Chicago, going through more coaches and offenses then some franchise quarterbacks go through in their entire career.

If Cutler is bad then like always the Bears will be bad.

If Chicago goes into the bye with a winning record then things may be looking good for the Bears. This is a team that is built on emotion and as past seasons have shown, when this team is up they are up and when they are down they are down.The Bears are coming off one of the most let down seasons of their history.

They finished 5-11 in the 2014 season after being predicted as one of the better teams in the NFC.

Again, the Bears are expected to do something this season. They are not a bad team, they have the players and the coaches who have histories of getting things done. Alshon Jeffery, Matt Forte, Jared Allen, and other key players can get the job done.

If the Bears enter the bye with a 3-3 record then they should finish either 8-8 or 9-7. In a division like the NCF North a 9-7 finish can still get you into the playoffs.If Chicago enters the bye anything under 3-3 then they can easily find themselves looking at another 5-11 or worse season.

Finally, if the Bears finish 4-2 or better then things will be looking good for the Windy City as they can easily find themselves 7-2 before they face off against another playoff team.

Although expectations are mediocre for the Bears the city of Chicago always expects wins and for a team that is needing something to go their way soon they can not let themselves have another disappointing season.

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