The two numbers that perhaps have given some Jays players and fans the highest amount of pressure they have felt in quite a while: 4-1.Those are the numbers of the odds that the Toronto Blue Jays were given to win the 2015 World Series by Bodog. The Jays are in the midst of a ten game winning streak, playing one of if not the best baseball not only in the Major Leagues but that the Jays have played in the last 22 years. 1993 being the last time the Jays played this quality of baseball, that year of course they won the World Series.

What has prompted Bodog to make these predictions? Well, I mean it’s probably the safest set of odds they can make at this point with the way the Jays are playing.

Since adding Troy Tulowitzki just over two weeks ago, they Jays have been nearly unbeatable losing only once while winning 12 times. Add an All-Star pitcher in David Price, who has gone 2-0 with a miraculous 0.60 ERA and other players who haven’t been talked about as much like LaTroy Hawkins, Ben Revere and Mark Lowe. These odds make total sense.

As of August 13th, the Blue Jays with their red hot stretch can finally say they are atop a division. Yes, 0.5 games can change in the matter of hours but the Jays are 100% deserving of the lead at this moment. But what is different from 2013 when the Jays entered the season with the best World Series odds after the blockbuster with the Miami Marlins?

For starters, it could be Jose Bautista saying “it’s the first time winning feels attainable."

The remaining factors are simple; no team has been as dominant offensively as the Jays have been in recent history. The Jays are the leading run getters with 77 more runs than the New York Yankees and let’s also put something else into perspective.

If the Jays score an average of four runs for the remainder of their 47 games, they will have 26 more runs than last season’s lead run getters. As we all know, the Jays are absolutely lethal at the plate scoring ten or more runs more times than any other team.

However, as baseball fans we know that runs will only win you some games, but pitching is what is needed.

And to take things a little deeper into perspective: if the Jays pitchers would haveclosed out half of the games they have given awaywith the exception of the past two weeks, this team could have the best record in the majors. The Jays are one of if not the best team in baseball right now. If they continue to get offense, which we all know is likely but most importantly get pitching that can win games this team has a good chance.

Bodog has given the Jays very respectable odds, but now it’s time for the Jays to prove that this isn’t just another case of the 2013 mockery. But with the way AA has shaped the team, they will not do the same as two seasons ago.

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