The wonderful time of year known as fantasy football has arrived. It means planning and planning and more planning before the draft. The running back position is always deep no matter the season and this year is more of the same with most of the first round being taken up by the position. Here is a look at who the top 20 running backs are going into the 2015 season.

  1. Eddie Lacy
  2. Jamaal Charles
  3. Le’Veon Bell
  4. Marshawn Lynch
  5. Adrian Peterson
  6. Matt Forte
  7. LeSean McCoy
  8. Arian Foster
  9. DeMarco Murray
  10. Jeremy Hill
  11. J. Anderson
  12. Mark Ingram
  13. Carlos Hyde
  14. Alfred Morris
  15. Andre Ellington
  16. Lamar Miller
  17. Frank Gore
  18. Justin Forsett
  19. Jonathan Stewart
  20. Todd Gurley

The issue however with the running back position though is truly figuring out who should be the first one off the board.

Some people will say Lacy, some will say Charles, others will pick Peterson. It is a very wide open thing. Lacy is tops on this list because of the offense around him and especially the quarterback that is there. Aaron Rodgers helps Lacy more than Alex Smith or Teddy Bridgewater helps the other two options. It could be a tale of two seasons.

However, there is really no wrong answer but one of the top runners need to be taken in the first two rounds no matter what, even with the passing offense that the NFL has turned into. Whether it is one of the top five running backs here or any in the top ten, one of them is needed right away in a ten-team league. Bigger leagues have different options and ways to go about it but the running back position is one that is going to be the rush to the draft button for a lot of owners this season.

Someone who needs a special look is Gurley though. He is in a St. Louis offense that could score a lot of points and have short fields with their defense. He has every potential to be the Rookie of the Year if all goes well. That is the first rookie running back that should be off the board this season even before Melvin Gordon.

However, both should be great options as the season goes on. It may be worth picking up both in the later rounds. The fun of the fantasy football season has just started. Let the drafts and the trades begin.

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