How far will the Toronto Blue Jays go to make the playoffs for the first time in nearly 25 years? If there is one thing that's guaranteed, GM Alex Anthopoulous is not scared of trading away their top prospects in trying to achieve postseason success this year.

We look back at 2012. The Jays acquired ex-Cy Young winner RA Dickey. In the trade, the Jays gave up their rights to prospects Noah Syndergaard and Travis D'arnaud. Since coming to the Jays, Dickey has gone 32-36 and has had an ERA  below 4.00 only once,  in 2013. Maybe Syndergaard and D'arnaud aren't quite ready for the majors, but you can argue Dickey isn't an American League type of pitcher.

Fast forward to 2013. Anthopolous was front and center on the trade front. The Jays took part in a 12-player deal, which saw the Jays acquire shortstop Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Mark Buerhle, and two other players. To this day, you could call that deal a success. Although, outside of Buerhle, none of the players involved really panned out for the Jays, outside of Yunel Escobar, no one that the Jays shipped out did either.

Seasons went on, the Jays struggled, and pitching was always a problem.

Skip ahead to July 27, 2015. The Blue Jays through 100 games sit seven games behind in the AL East with a record of 50-50. The Jays have had no issue scoring runs. They sit atop the league, 72 runs clear of the Yankees.

But --  pitching. Toronot is eleventh in the league in quality start percentage and  23rd in the league with a 4.07 ERA. The Jays also have 16 blown saves while converting only 16. Turn half of those blown saves into saves and the Jays would be 58-42, but they did not.

With the MLB trade deadline approaching quickly, will Anthopoulous make any moves?

In what is hands-down the  biggest trade of the season, late on Monday night, Anthopoulous shipped out shortstop Jose Reyes and top prospects including Jeff Hoffman who of course is the Jays' "blue chip" prospect.

Hoffman, 22, from New York was drafted by the Jays with their ninth pick overall in the 2014 MLB amateur draft.

Hoffman made it as far as AA this year and started two games and pitched 11-2/3 innings with an ERA of 1.54. In the trade, the Jays acquired shortstop all-star Troy Tulowitzki and bullpen pitcher Latroy Hawkins at the hearty age of 42.

Tulowitzki comes to the Jays with a .300 average,  third among shortstops. He also adds homerun power that could prove beneficial in the hitting-friendly Rogers Center. Tulowitzki also fields better with a .978 percentage opposed to Reyes's .953 percentage. Hawkins comes to the Jays with a 2-1 record and a 3.63 ERA.

The Blue Jays won the trade as far as getting a better shortstop in Tulowitzki, but does the move address what's needed? Tulowitzki will add to the stellar Toronto offense and perhaps provide some late game theatrics but obviously will not provide anything on the mound.

Consider that Tulowitzki is one of the highest paid players in the MLB, is 30 and is somewhat injury prone. With three days left before the Trade deadline will Anthopolous make any more moves? AA isn't afraid of trading away some of his farm, but what other acts will he pull? Could Aaron Sanchez or Daniel Norris be on the way out?

It's a pretty exciting time in Toronto right now, and if you're a Jays fan, I would stay tuned.

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