Its been nearly 23 years since the Toronto Blue Jays last made it to the MLB postseason, the longest playoff drought in MLB history. It's been really evident why the Toronto Blue Jays haven't made the playoffs since winning back in 93; pitching and lack of hitting. We all know the key to winning games is pitching and defense, hence the phrase "Defense wins Championships." Unfortunately, that is something the Blue Jays haven't been able to put together in more then a decade.

Yes, this Toronto Blue Jays franchise has had some All-Star pitchers over the years with the Likes of Roy Halladay, players like Carlos Delgado and more recently, Jose Bautista.

However, MLB history has shown us that having one or two players or even a handful will not win you championships or (in the Blue Jays case) even qualify you for the playoffs. Lets dig deeper than that, we all know its been all heartbreak ever since the glory days, but is this 2015 team finally a playoff contender? Why wouldn't they be? They have some of the MLB's best players such as Edwin Encarnacion, the aforementioned Jose Bautista, and you can't forget about the man at the "hot" corner Josh Donaldson.

I'll tell you a simple reason why this edition may not be a playoff contender come October. That reason being the bullpen. As of July 16th, Toronto Blue Jays closers had 15 successful saves, however, for Jays closers, they also blew 14 opportunities.

So lets take some time to equate that. With a record of 45-46 on July 16th, the Jays saw themselves 0.5 games out of a playoff spot. If you take half of those blown saves and convert them into saves. The ratio would be 22-7 in favour of saves, which would equate the Blue Jays record to 52-39 (which would have seen the Jays leading the AL East by three games).

The whole reality is pitching will win you games if you can produce offence, something the Jays have had absolutely no trouble doing. The Jays are currently fifth in the entire league with a batting average of 263, trailing only two American League teams who are not in their division with two National League teams joining the top five.

Now we switch over to pitching. Blue Jays pitchers currently own a 4.14 ERA which ranks 23rd in the league with only three other American League teams being lower.

To sum all of this up, the Blue Jays only have three pitchers whose ERA is below 3.00, and even Drew Hutchinson who has a 9-2 record owns a 5.19 ERA while ex NL Cy Young winner RA Dickey owns a 4.70 ERA. Sure, both of these men combined have 13 wins for the team, but Dickey also has 10 losses which equates to a 13-12 combined. Something that if you are looking to win the pennant and perhaps even go farther, is something that can not happen between two of your top starters. Mark Beurhle in his final season in a Blue Jays uniform has been very good, going 10-5 with a 3.34 ERA so far.

We talk about all the bad News in Toronto, why they aren't a playoff team, but realistically as of July 19th, the Jays hold a record of one game under 500 at 46-47. If the Jays can find a way to get on anything close to their 11 game winning streak when they were absolutely dominant, they have as good a chance to win as any team, but, if they continue to play like they are currently playing and don't find a way to accomplish some sort of a streak, the streak of missing the postseason will increase and October baseball with be once again a dream that will not come true for the 2015 Toronto Blue Jays.

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