Kevin-Prince Boateng had a great first season at Shalke 04, as explained in the first part of this article. The following season, his well-known arrogancy started showing since the start of the preseason that followed his first season at the club. His demands and attitude were things that the Heldt and the owner of the club, Clemens Tönnies, were getting tired of, and rumors about him not being as influential off the pitch as he had been the season before started spreading, despite Heldt and Tönnies denying these rumors.

Matters, however, only got worse as he got injured in the autumn of 2014. During the time where the player was injured, Schalke's performances improved, which led to people thinking that him being at the club damaged it more than benefitted, taking his first season into consideration. From there, there was no brake for the way downhill. Boateng's performances and image kept getting worse and worse, despite Heldt and Tönnies assuring that the club stood behind him. But following a streak of bad performances, his role in the team dropped.

He wasn't a regular starter, but instead a substitute, who failed to influence the game no matter what he did. Recently, in a 0-2 defeat against FC Köln, he got the chance to prove doubters wrong, as he was in the starting lineup for the game. However, following 59 minutes of playing time, the player got substituted, and Heldt was quoted saying that the performances from the players in that game would have consequences. Some of those players ended up getting a suspension, among them Kevin-Prince Boateng.

"We have gotten the feeling of the lack of any trust between us, and we don't believe that they [Boateng, and Sidney Sam, who also got suspended] can help us in the last two matches against Paderborn and Hamburger SV. The content of the things discussed only are a matter of the players and I; I, in public, will not in particular talk about what was discussed during the meetings, but one thing is for sure: there is no way back," Schalke's sports director Heldt told the club's official website, following the Köln-defeat.

Now what?

The Schalke-Boateng-saga is apparently coming to an end, and this has lead to rumors spreading, including a return to former club AC Milan, and the turkish giants from Galatasaray. Boateng's agent, Edoardo Crnjar, however, denies a return to the Italian club, which recently extended their contract with manager Masimilliano Allegri, in hope of redemption to the club's prime time.

"I don't think that he's going to play for neither Galatasaray nor AC Milan. I don't think that it's going to happen," Boateng's agent told the German newspaper Bild. Taking the fact that he played in Milan for three years and decided to move on, he most likely isn't going back, especially with the agent saying so. However, some deals could be on the cards, following the disagreement with the club into account.

Boateng never gained official captaincy of the team, but certainly had influences. Only time will show where he ends, but one thing is for sure: it certainly isn't in Schalke.

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