Kevin-Prince Boateng is a big name, in the footballing world. The player has been in more than one club, most recently in Schalke 04 - a German club that has competed in the title race in recent years. Boateng went from AC Milan to Schalke 04 in 2013, and seemed happy at his new club. Recent disagreements with the club, however, could see the player heading for another club, if not another country, very soon.

How did the disagreements start?

Kevin-Prince Boateng had a fruitful, three-year-long stay at AC Milan, where he played a key role for the team, scoring, and providing, a lot of goals – some of them were important goals in the Champions League and other goals would simply contribute to a victory in the league, or be decisive in terms of the outcome of the particular fixture.

When Boateng transferred from AC Milan, he was the cause of many raised eyebrows, leaving people only to wonder of why the transfer happened: at that time, there was a clear difference between Milan and Schalke, in terms of the footballing level of the two teams, as they were in two different leagues.

However, he did not want to disappoint the Schalke-fans excited for his arrival, and proved himself as a key figure in a season that saw the team in third place in the Bundesliga table, despite only scoring six goals and assisting further four. His playing style proved important to the build-up play, and to the way Schalke was playing in general. First season all done and dusted, and everything was going well.

Even outside the pitch, he had a close relationship to the sports director of the club, Horst Heldt, who defended him following an incident where he was pictured with a bottle of beer and a cigarette. Heldt was quoted saying that it was fair for Boateng to celebrate like that, following the 2-1 victory the team had just had, against a strong Bayer Leverkusen-side, despite smoking and drinking being hated things in the footballing culture.

But things weren't always going to be like that for the controversial player from Ghana. Things started going downhill for him, following his first extraordinary season with the club, already from the beginning having influences on managerial things in the team ranging from the squad to the coaching staff. 

[Continued in Part II]

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