Inthe past, the NBA has been aboutdeveloping young stars to become all-stars, and possibly NBA champions. The NBA was likegoing out to eat and having a four course meal. You enjoyed your salad,appetizer, entree, and dessert. You got to know someone and enjoyed the time.You spent about an hour and a half to two hours in great company.

Those days in the NBA are over! We are a currently livingin a culture that is running faster than the Road Runner and we are enjoyinggoing to McDonald's because we can have our food in 3 minutes or less.Comparatively, that's how the NBA owners like it. Now we see new coaches thatare being hired every season, and draft picks who are coming in and promising achampionship.

The steps prior to that are being overlooked and forgotten. Theowners have become a right now organization and do not want a four course meal.They want Burger King, Taco Bell or McDonald's because they are used to gettingeverything right now. Billionaires arerunning the organizations and don't seem to understand the cultivation process.Coaches are not given the proper time to develop players and the players do nothave a coach long enough to understand the schemes of an offense or defense.

This NBA free agency has been about people leaving teams to win now.I don't have problem with winning now but I have a problem when the wholeleague thinks that's the only way to win. We all understand the phrase "Acopycat league" but that does not work for everyone.

San Antonio has beena class organization which has not copied the league until this year with thesigning of LaMarcus Aldridge and David West. The owners need to get back todeveloping players. I cannot eat a T-bone steak cooked in 3 minutes. It takestime to cook a great steak and it takes time to develop players and have asuccessful coach.

The owners are asking 19 and 20 year olds to deliver them achampionship. The owners need to get back to having a four-course meal and not insiston a value meal that is put together quickly. I enjoy a great home cooked mealbecause it was thought about, and it took time to prepare. You occasionally canhave fast food, you don't eat it every day.

Just like the saying goes, "Youare what you eat."

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