Weare just a few short weeks from the beginning of the college football season.This will be the second year for the CollegeFootball Playoff, and if this season is anything like last season’s fansshould be in for a treat at least through most of the country. However, in thefootball rich Southeastern Conference, the CollegeFootball Playoff may not be such a good thing.

Some college football analysts have as many as nine teams in theirpreseason polls. This includes all seven teams from arguably the toughestdivision in the nation, the SEC West.If you throw in Georgia and a resurging Tennessee, how can any team expect toescape the division unscathed?

There is a real possibility that the SEC Championship Game could have twoteams with two losses.

 There is not another conference in the country that has thisissue. It is safe to say that the Big 12 learned from their mistake last year.In May, the conference decided just who would represent them in the case of atie as happened with Baylor and TCU this past season.  The head-to-headwinner will move on.

The Big Ten has just a few teams that are of elite caliber. OhioState is obvious considering they are the defending champions. Beyond them,Michigan State and Wisconsin are about all you have. The jury is out on theHarbaugh lead Wolverines.

The ACC has less to show than the Big 10. Florida State will mostlikely come back down to earth this year.

Clemson has an opportunity to makesome noise, but the rest of the conference is still trying to find itself.

The Pac 12 was supposed to be the next conference to push the SEC.That never really materialized last year. A poor performance from Oregon didn'thelp their cause.

What does this have to do with the SEC?

The fact of the matter isthere is the possibility of an undefeated team coming from each of the otherfour conferences. Considering how everything went down with the selection teamlast year, this would leave the SEC out.

As much as the selection committee wants you to think anything ispossible, they proved last year that they were no better at picking teams thanthe computer.

Last year’s Ohio State and Oregon College Football Championship Game was nothing more thana glorified and one game. The committee took the easy way out, and if they dothat again this year, the SoutheasternConference could find themselves as the odd conference out of the CollegeFootball Playoff.

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