Withthe San Antonio Spurs signingAldridge and also Leonard to multiple positions, the Spurs dynasty andclassification as one of the most elite teams in the NBA history is secured. This could be Tim’s last season and aclassic passing of the torch to Aldridge as their new franchise player togetherwith Kawhi Leonard. Surely the San Antonio Spurs will be and always be one ofthe playoffs and title contender in the league for years to come. They willalways be the team to watch and the team to beat. 

Thespurs management and coaching staffhad always been great with making decisions for their franchise and itshistory, as one of the most elite team for the past decade they haveconsistently been always a contender for the finals and the playoffs.

They hadput together talented and smart players all throughout their team's roster from all over the world,bridging nations and race.

Aldridgeis a big welcome addition to the historical franchise of San Antonio, withTim’s announcement of his last season with the Spurs, LaMarcus will be theirnew anchorman and big reliable just as Duncan is. This will be a remarkable butnot too much of a change I think for the team as LaMarcus can do all sort ofthings as Duncan can and with the guidance and passing of knowledge by the bigfundamental to their new franchise player I’m quite sure the transition will besmooth and easy. I’m also sure that the next season will be an exciting one forthe spurs and all NBA fans will be talking about them.

With the team still verymuch intact this will be a season to remember, as they will surely do all theirbest to have a wonderful and fulfilling season and hopefully win the championship for Duncan and maybe Manuand tony as well. 

Beingan elite team in the NBA and competing in the playoffs for the trophy is not easy nor is it doneovernight or by putting up a teamwith more all-stars than the others.

It takes sacrifice and dedication, goodteam management and coaching. That's what the Spurs have done for the pastdecade and hopefully for more decades to come.

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