Liverpool F.C. has recently been one of the clubs in the English Premier League in which other clubs seem to find the talents/players they want and get them even at the expense of the club's stability and progress. This time it is to a rival team (Manchester City F.C.). Though Liverpool seems to be getting the gains in the financial side of the race but for how long does finance for a player last?

In two seasons now, Liverpool have been selling their best and top rated players without considering the capable damage of stability in their team. It has been over 48 hours now since Raheem Sterling was introduced as a Manchester City Player.

Liverpool in that deal made over £42 million ($59 million), as compared to the £5 million ($7 million) Sterling was bought for.

These questions are put forth for we to know who got the better side of the deal:

Is Sterling a good fit for Manchester City?

R. Sterling is a versatile player, but he is more competent in the wings than down the center of behind the strikers. He likes making the defenders get a run for their money when he puts the ball upfront and off with his pace.

Manchester City currently is lacking that service down the right hand side and Raheen Sterling is a perfect fit for that with the departure of James Milner eminent; I see R. Sterling making the First Team Squad in no distant time.

Sergio Aguero will be sharing the same thought because he was not served the ball as he would have liked throughout last season and with a young talent like R. Sterling, he would be looking for another Golden Boot for himself in 2015/2016 EPL season.

Will R. Sterling's services be missed by Liverpool

Your guess is as good as mine. Yes.

The top rated young Liverpool star will certainly be missed, but I don't think that would be for too long because, there is another young talent sighted in the Liverpool set-up by the end of last season, who did extremely well when Sterling was injured. Let me introduce him to you: Jordan Ibe

He is also a young player (even younger than Sterling), he was introduced to the squad when Sterling was complaining of fatigue and he adapted rather fast, with his pace and trickery, I see another star in the Liverpool squad springing up to cover up the Sterling void space.

Though, at first, the shoes will be big for him to wear but I see him stepping up to the game.

Who gained from the transfer?

The popular answer would be Liverpool because they made over £40 million in the business but I tell you that Manchester City had the better side of this deal only if Sterling hit the ground running, he will be back to 'bite the hands that fed him'.

Liverpool made a business gain but Manchester City made an investment to get gains.

What do you think? Agree or disagree? Make your comments in the box below.

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