Johnny Cueto's career with the Cincinnati Reds has officially came to an end.

Seven yearsafter debuting with the team, he is now on his way to Kansas City in exchangefor Brandon Finnegan, John Lamb, Cody Reed and cash considerations.

Many peoplewere surprised that the Royals were willing to part with the young arm ofBrandon Finnegan, the  team's number one pick just overone year ago.  Finnegan was a key part of the World Series run last year as he recorded three wins in the postseason, including two in the World Series. But there is noquestion that getting Cueto is an upgrade to the starting staff in Kansas City.

Cueto, who has a 7-6 record with a2.62 ERA in 19 starts this year, joins a rotation  desperately needs his help, especially after losing Jason Vargas last week to a season endingelbow injury. Royals starters have an ERA of 4.30 this season, and areaveraging an abysmal 5.5 innings per start, which is the lowest average by anyrotation in the American League.

On the contrary, Cueto has pitched at least 8innings in six games already this year, compared to the two times the combined Royals staff has managed the feat. No question he will lessen the load for whatis arguably the best bullpen in baseball.

Manager Ned Yost said Cueto gives the Royals "tremendous depth in our rotation." If  DannyDuffy and Yordano Ventura return to last year's form, "you've got them andEddie Volquez and Cueto, you can stop a losing streak right away with any ofthose guys." Without this deal, Yost said,  I still would have felt good about this team, butthis makes us that much better."

The Royals are adding a clear-cut ace to a staff that was otherwise without one.

Over the last five years, Cuetohas the second lowest ERA in all of baseball (2.51), second only to the Dodgersace Clayton Kershaw, who has a 2.16 ERA over that span.

"They do have a great team, I'm excited about my next chapter," Cueto said, adding that he expects the move to be "good formy career and good for the team."

With the Royals just missing a World Series win thanks to a legendary performance by the Giants' Madison Bumgarner, the addition of  Cueto could  be the final piece that the team needs  not onlymake a postseason run but also another World Series appearance.

Cueto  is scheduledto make his team debut Friday against Toronto.

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