The All-Star Break is officially over, and players and coaches can now look down the road at what remains of the 2015 season. For some less-than-great teams, there will be moves made as they look to finish off the season well, while also securing a future as they rebuild and rejuvenate their franchises. For playoff-bound teams, there will be moves made as well, but under a far different set of circumstances and to achieve the ultimate MLB prize: a World Series championship.

With all the hype building up as we start MLB 2015 Part 2, I have some bold predictions I would like to make in regard to how things will shape up come playoff time:

First, I predict that the Pittsburgh Pirates will overtake the Cardinals for the NL Central crown.

The Pirates are absolutely on fire. They started off the season with a depressing 18-22 record; ever since then, they have gone 35-13 and moved up in the division standings. They also placed four players in the All Star Game in Gerrit Cole, Mark Melancon, Andrew McCutchen, and - making his first appearance in his final year in baseball - A.J. Burnett. The Pirates made countless headlines when, just last week, they took down the Cardinals three out of four times in one of the most dramatic series in the history of PNC Park. The Pirates moved within 2.5 games of first place at the All Star Break, and there is no doubt that they have their eyes set on a division title. It will not be long before the Pirates move into first place where they will remain for the rest of the regular season.

Secondly, I predict that the Mets will overtake the Nationals for the NL East title.

The Mets are certainly a very interesting team this season. They have managed to put together one of the finest home campaigns, going 32-14 thus far at Citi Field. Yet on the road, they manage to look like a team on pace to lose over 100 games, as they have gone 15-28.

It has been a wild ride up until now for the Mets, but my reasoning behind this prediction is simple: the All Star Break will change them. The Mets will come out of the break ready to go on a huge run and make a big push towards the playoffs. They have been, and will continue to be, outstanding at home, and their road record will change.

They will improve just enough away from Citi Field to get them over the final hurdle to go passed the Nationals for the NL East Title and their first playoff appearance in nearly a decade.

Lastly, I predict that the Cubs will grab the last wild card spot.

The Cubs haven't had a winning season since 2009. But that will all change - and then some - this year. My reasoning for this pick? I don't know exactly; perhaps it really is just a gut feeling and the hope that they can finally bring back some glory to Chicago. But I see a team in the Cubs that is not going to let this season slip past them. With the two best teams in the National League in their division in the Pirates and Cardinals, it will be a tough hill to climb, but I anticipate the Cubs taking a fair amount of games from them both, especially the Cardinals.

I see a willingness in the Cubs that I don't think a lot of so called "experts" could see going into this season. If the Cubs can hang in there for a little while longer, they could find themselves playing in the wild card game.

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