We live in an age where the running back is all but extinct. In this new era of football the quarterback is supreme, and all other positions, offense and defense, seem to have fallen into mediocrity. All this considered there still seems to be hope; a twinkling light at the end of the tunnel for all those who enjoy the game in its entirety.

I'm talking about those fans who use to enjoy the rough nature of football. I'm talking about the Jack Lambert fans who love to see a linebacker with no teeth or the Jim Brown fan who enjoys when someone runs the ball with authority. The past is in the past and there is nothing we can do about that now, but I'm here to tell you that there may still be hope for you old school football fans, and that hope is embodied by the game of Le'Veon Bell. This man can do it all; he can run you over, go around you, catch the football and even lay a couple devastating blocks when he needs to.

Last year this guy ran for 1,361 yards and caught for another 854. That took him to 2,215 all purpose yards on the season with 11 touchdowns to boot. Now if you think that's impressive, I dare you to watch this young man over the next couple years of his career, and I guarantee you that you'll be amazed. The stats can only take your understanding of his game so far; to truly appreciate Bell's game you must watch him play, and not only pay attention to the yards he gets, but how he gets them. His rough style of running is complimented by an equally impressive grace and elegance of footwork to elude defenders.

Le'Veon Bell is definitely one of the top running backs in the league, but in the coming years he may even emerge as the unanimous front runner; absolutely a player to watch for fantasy guys next season. Its clear that the NFL is taking the game of football away from what it has been in the past, but we must never forget the styles of play that made each and everyone of us love the game. I'm talking about those bone shattering hits that made you close your eyes at the last second. We all love the intensity and rough nature of football, and that is what players like Le'Veon Bell keep alive for all of us.

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