There is nothing like watching a great athlete perform at their best when the lights shine brightest. It can be equated to witnessing an artist create a masterpiece from start to finish. For Roger Federer, Wimbledon has become his ideal canvas throughout his storied career. He has looked nearly flawless throughout the 2015 edition and a victory over England's native son Andy Murray has him poised for a record 8th title at the All England Club.

At age 33, many assumed Federer's day of winning grand slam titles had come and gone. No one his age has won at Wimbledon in over 30 years. From the outset of this year's fortnight, however, it has been clear that father time is taking it easy on the Swiss champion.

A bad back has proved to be too much to overcome for two weeks of competition in the last few years. A rejuvenated Roger has experienced health that has allowed him to regain the form that helped him earn 17 grand slam titles heading into the tournament.

In addition to the lack of pain, a service game that we have rarely seen from him has also paved the way to the finals. When an all-time great can convert over 85% of his first serves and paint the lines as Federer has, it is nearly impossible to defeat him on his surface of choice. The grass has always been greener at Wimbledon for its greatest champion. Andy Murray was the latest to meet this harsh reality.

Standing in the way of history will be Novak Djokovic, the tournament's top seed.

The Djoker has faced much more adversity than his opponent for Sunday, digging deep to win a five set quarterfinal match on Wednesday before a straight-set triumph in the semifinal. Undoubtedly he will also face a crowd that will be set on willing Federer to a win that would set him apart as the tournament's only 8-time winner.

Djokovic, a 2-time Wimbledon winner in his own right, will pose the stiffest challenge available to Roger on his quest. Perhaps there is one more masterpiece yet to be painted by the man who creates an art form we had not seen before.

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