DETROIT, July 30, 2015 -- The Detroit Tigers, once a star-studded playoff team, today find themselves three games under .500 and having lost  five out of their last seven games.

Brad Ausmus, the second-year manager for the ball club, continues to raise questions by leaving relief and starting pitchers in the game  too long and  making  questionable substitutions and batting lineup changes.

Rumors are spreading that there are team chemistry problems as well. That's a major issue that Ausmus needs to resolve immediately.

And in the short term, the Tigers open a three-game series in Baltimore with the red-hot Orioles. 

After winning Wednesday's game by a one-run margin, there were multiple reports  that  five teams  were interested in acquiring the 29-year-old lefty David Price.

And the New York Mets have expressed interest in acquiring outfielder Yoenis Cespedes.

What should the once-mighty Tigers organization do? Owner Mike Illitch is very old and most observers assume  he wants his Detroit Tigers to win a World Series before he dies.

On the other hand, the Tigers have to consider becoming sellers, trading away Price and Cespedes in exchange for draft picks and promising minor league  pitching prospects. 

What should they do? The time has come to trade away their star players. Nine games out of the division lead, it is virtually impossible for Detroit to catch up to the Kansas City Royals. If they trade for another star player, they could perhaps make the wildcard playoff spot, but both David Price and Yoenis Cespedes' contracts expire after this season.

The Chicago Cubs would have enough money to lure away Price from re-signing with the Tigers, and the Mets have been known to overpay for mediocre star players such as Cespedes.

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By trading players away, they could acquire more talent to develop in the minor leagues and become a  powerhouse again in the near future. One thing is for certain; this team as it stands right now, will never contend for the World Series in 2015.

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