With an injury-plagued 2014-2015 season under his belt (and an injury-plagued season for the Cavs overall), it should come as no surprise that All-Star Power Forward Kevin Love is opting out of his contract with Cleveland in order to explore other options (and he's not the only one). The King himself is leaving his options open as well, and, as the face of the league, his franchise, and his city, it isn't a stretch to say that wherever Lebron James goes, others will follow, and everyone else will take note.

While it's unlikely that Love will find himself in a Cavaliers uniform at the tip of the 2015-2016 season, it seems likely that James will.

Putting the team on his back and single-handedly carrying them all the way to the Finals (and putting on a show in the process), it stands to reason that James will want to finish what he started when he first put on an NBA jersey -- bring a trophy to the championship-starved city he calls home.

As things currently stand, with the mid-season acquisitions of defensive-minded swingman Iman Shumpert, streaky shooter J.R. Smith, and big man in the middle Timofey Mozgov, if James does renew his contract, it's hard to imagine anyone in the East standing in the way of the Cavs making a repeat trip to the Finals next season.

As for the other names being discussed, talks continue as to where All-Star Sacramento Center DeMarcus Cousins will land once the dust settles.

The Los Angeles Lakers are in contention to acquire the 24-year-old force in the paint, but, with talks centering around LA's 7th overall pick in last year's draft (Julius Randle), their 4th overall pick in this year's draft, and much-improved Point Guard Jordan Clarkson, the price may prove to be too steep (even for a sure thing).

Perennial Portland All-Star LaMarcus Aldridge is the other name on everyone's lips. Aldridge will be turning 30 this July, but, with four consecutive All-Star appearances over the last four years, it's clear that this veteran big man still has a lot of gas in the tank, and a lot to offer all potential suitors.

The Blazers do have a young core, with All-Star Point Guard Damian Lillard, Nicholas Batum, and others, and they may move toward that future by unloading their past. It's a rare thing in the modern NBA model to see an All-Star-caliber talent remain with one franchise for the duration of their career, Aldridge is one of a handful of current players to have such a distinction, and, whether or not he maintains that distinction is something that remains to be seen.

Tune in to the NBA draft tonight at 7 PM ET on ESPN.

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