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What is a Social Blaster?
A social blaster is a digital influencer able to create buzz and virality around a great piece of content already published on Blasting News. You don't have to create the content - you just need to share it!
Can anyone be a social blaster?
No. This opportunity is limited to individuals who are passionate about social media and respective agencies. We are looking for pioneers of social media who know it's secrets. Your credentials are evaluated before joining the program, to see if you are the right fit.
How much can you earn?
A social blaster can earn up to $500 per each article shared. The more the shares, the more the money. Check out our payment system now.
Are there any limitations?
Yes. A social blaster is NOT a spammer. We are looking for passionate people, where any spam activity will result in the immediate exclusion from the programme and no compensation will be granted.