On August 10, the "90 Day Fiancé" castmember and former girlfriend to Erika, decided to start posting truths about herself on her Instagram page for ten days. She's been posting photos of herself and attaching a caption that says something not everyone knows about her. She recently posted a photo of herself, looking beautiful as always. In her caption, she explained how she had always been called awful names since she could remember.

She said that people called her those names even before she had her first kiss and at some point, she stopped caring.

She also said that she didn't have to have a perfect body or be thin and that was something she was proud of. She asked her fans to live for themselves, dress for themselves, and love themselves because their lives started and ended with them. She ended her ten days challenge of truths and challenged her fans to try it.

One of her fans commented, saying that she looked like she was "all lives matter" and the TLC star replied to the comment saying that she wasn't and it was gross. Another fan replied to the comment, saying it was Avery, another cast on the show, not Stephanie.

Stephanie posts a beautiful image of herself

Stephanie posted a beautiful image of herself on her Instagram, with a flowery background.

The "90 Day Fiancé" reality star said in her caption that she once dated a man with a small p*nis and she liked it because she never had to have s*x. She ended her caption by saying, "There, I said it." A lot of fans found her caption funny as a lot of them commented with laughing emojis.

One fan asked Stephanie if she "scissored" the man and the reality star said that was when she realized she was bi.

Another fan asked the "90 Day Fiancé" cast why she liked it and wouldn't she have liked to be intimate with her man. But, Stephanie replied saying "no."

Erika posts a throwback

Erika posted a beautiful throwback picture of herself, where she held a high cotton candy. She wore a glossy pink jacket and looked very happy.

She said in her caption that happiness was 110% pink fairy flaws that were bigger than one's head.

Negative comments on Erika post

One of her followers asked her why she dressed like a child and Erika said that it was because she liked it, and asked the fan what the matter was.

A lot of fans replied to the comment, telling the person not to hate. Someone said, "that's not very friendly of you, is it Karen?"

What do you think about Stephanie? Did you like her ten days challenge? Do you think it was okay for her to talk about one of her exes like that? What do you think of Erika? Do you think she dresses like a child? Do you think it's okay for people to talk about the way she dresses?