Kenneth and Armando have been the stand out couple on the second season of "90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way." The two reality stars made history as the first male sex couple to star on the "90 Day Fiancé" series. In a recent episode, Kenneth proposed to Armando in an emotional scene, and after Armando accepted the proposal, fans felt that the couple would have a happy conclusion. However, in a preview for Sunday’s episode, viewers have learned that Kenneth and Armando will have their first homophobic encounter, and the incident could change their decision to settle in Mexico.

Kenneth and Armando relationship

In a trailer video released for Monday’s episode, Kenneth and Armando are the targets of a homophobic slur as they enjoy a meal with Kenneth’s two daughters. The couple is in a celebratory mood after their engagement, and as they enjoy their food at a taco stand, a man walks by and makes a homophobic slur. The remark catches Armando by surprise, and he tries to explain the meaning of the homophobic insult to Kenneth.

As the couple tries to process the incident, Kenneth’s daughters appear rattled. In their confessional, they tell producers that they are not comfortable with their father’s decision to settle in Mexico. One of Kenneth’s daughters threatens to go after the man who made the racial comment and punch him on the face, but Armando cautions her against escalating the situation.

Throughout the season, Armando has consistently expressed his worries over the toxic homophobic culture in Mexico, and his fears finally come true in next Monday’s episode. After their first homophobic experience, it appears that Kenneth and Armando will have to reconsider their decision to settle in Mexico.

The marriage

Even though Kenneth has expressed his willingness to marry Armando and start a new life with him, the negative attitude towards gay couples in Mexico will be a huge obstacle for the couple to overcome.

The negative perception over their union could also affect Armando’s relationship with his family. After finally opening up about his sexuality to his parents in a previous episode, Armando has not informed them about his engagement to Kenneth. The 31-year-old reality star will have to overcome the stigma surrounding his sexuality and notify his parents about his new relationship.

Despite their current obstacles, "90 Day Fiancé" fans are optimistic about Kenneth and Armando’s chances of tying the knot when the season ends. The two reality stars have turned into fan favorites due to their unique chemistry, and many viewers hope that they will overcome the homophobic barriers to their relationship. The upcoming episode will shed light on how the couple reacts to their first homophobic experience, and whether they will reconsider their decision to live in Mexico.